Chen Wu could hear the intention of retreat in his words. “So you mean you want to quit?”

Luo Qin thought for a moment and nodded. “Mystic Essence Secret Realm is full of dangers. Its better to wait until we are strong. Its also possible to go to the outer area to train.”

Among the three of them, Lin Bai might be the only one who had the strength to go there. If Luo Qin went there, he might even drag down the two of them.

Chen Wu also felt that what he said made sense. She asked, “Lin Bai, what do you think?”

“I still want to go there. However, what you guys said is the truth. Its also a good choice to train in the outer regions.”

There were also training grounds in the outer regions of the Mystic Essence Secret Realm. Although it could not be compared to the secret realm, it was much better compared to the outer regions. Some students of the academies would also choose this place.

Chen Wu said with some worry, “But its too dangerous for you to do it alone.”

Luo Qin also echoed from the side, “Thats right. If something happens and you dont have anyone to look after you, why dont you come with us to experience the outside world?”

“Dont worry. I know what Im doing. Moreover, do I look like someone who would act rashly?”

Chen Wu and Luo Qin thought of Lin Bais unpredictable methods and the pet beast that was clearly a two-star talent, but was able to defeat other pet beasts of a higher level. It was no wonder that he dared to challenge it.

Perhaps he had other trump cards in his hands.

A huge magic formation rose from under Lin Bais feet. After the red and green lights flashed, a crisp bird cry could be heard, just like the cry of a young Phoenix.

Looking at the Scarlet Luan hovering in the sky, its fiery red feathers sparkled under the sunlight, making it look extraordinary and awe-inspiring. Luo Qin and Chen Wu were a little surprised.

“Did you tame this recently?”

They remembered that Lin Bais pet beast was a little green snake.

Chen Wu thought of Lin Bais alternate-heaven paradise, Scarlet Luan Peak. Could it be that he had tamed it there? As expected, she heard Lin Bais answer.

Luo Qin only found out about this today. He couldnt help but click his tongue and say, “Kid, youre lucky. Not only did you get a alternate-heaven paradise, you even got two for one. Why dont I have such good luck?”

Everyone could contract a few pet beasts. The higher ones strength was, the more they could contract. However, Luo Qin and Chen Wu hadnt met a beast that suited their hearts. With the idea that it was better to not have one than get a random one so they only had one so far.

For the Scarlet Luan, it could be seen that there was still a lot of room for it to grow in the future. The magnificent tail feathers were not to be admired. Luo Qin and Chen Wu were both able to recognize the goods, and their hearts were instantly filled with envy.

Plus, there was Little Green, who could challenge people of a higher level. It was no wonder that Lin Bai was so confident. Luo Qin and Chen Wu immediately felt much more at ease.

“Oh right, take this. It will be useful in case you get injured.”

Chen Wu suddenly thought of something and stuffed a porcelain bottle into Lin Bais hand. Chen Kun was originally worried that she would get injured and get into an accident. He could faintly smell a medicinal fragrance. It was obvious that it was not an ordinary medicinal pill.

Lin Bai wanted to refuse, but seeing Chen Wus determined gaze, he could not refuse. “Thank you very much. You guys have to be careful too.”

“Okay,” Chen Wu replied softly. No one noticed that her earlobe hidden in her hair had secretly turned red.

Luo Qin was like a transparent person. He felt that Chen Wu was a little strange compared to usual, but he could not put his finger on it. He could not help but ask,

“What about mine? At least the three of us are together. Why does Lin Bai have one and not me?”

Chen Wu returned to her expressionless face. “Lin Bai is going to the secret realm, and its very dangerous. As for you –”

She pursed her lips and snorted coldly. The meaning behind her words was self-evident.

Luo Qin: ? ? ? ?

Alright. It was clearly a team of three people, but he wasnt worthy.

After bidding farewell to Luo Qin and Chen Wu, Lin Bai set out on his journey alone.

Little Green and Little Red were more sensitive to auras and could easily find traces of demonic beasts.

At the same time, if there was any danger, they would be able to immediately warn everyone.

Accompanied by a cry, the Scarlet Luan flapped its wings and sped off in a certain direction. In a short while, it turned into a small black dot.

Lin Bai stared in the direction where he disappeared. “Little Red might have discovered something.”

At the same time, Little Green seemed to have sensed it too and also sped up and pointed the way for Lin Bai.

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