saw that Lin Bai was like a gust of wind, blowing past them. Those traps could not even touch the corner of his clothes much less hit him.

“This speed is too fast…”

By the time they came back to their senses, Lin Bai had already arrived at the other side of the hall. On the other hand, the people who had challenged the stage at the same time as him hadnt even crossed half the distance.

Where did this monster come from!

Under the envious and admiring gazes of the group of people, Lin Bai walked out of the hall slowly and arrived at the final stage of the assessment. At this moment, there were even fewer people than before.

“First of all, I would like to congratulate all of you. To be able to reach this stage is indeed not easy. It can be said that the people who remain in the assessment are all very outstanding, but this is far from enough.”

The final stage was the actual combat assessment. Compared to the previous two stages, this stage was the most difficult and also had risks.

One could freely choose to participate or not participate. Those who participated were high-level members, and there was also a reward. Those who passed could split the registration fees of those who did not pass.

If they quit now, they would become ordinary members. If they failed, they would get nothing.

It was not easy for everyone to get here. Moreover, there was such a big reward for clearing the level. How could they give up so easily? Therefore, no one chose to quit.

After the steward explained the rules clearly, he brought everyone to the side of a lake.

The surface of the water was shining, and the green lotus leaves were like waves. When the breeze blew, the green waves surged, revealing a faintly discernible wooden bridge. In the deepest part of the lake, there was a big bell that was half the height of a person.

Everyone had a bad premonition.

“Every ten people will form a group and carry two sandbags. The first person to ring the bell will be the winner of the competition. The person who falls into the lake will be eliminated.”

Everyone looked at the wooden bridge. It was really difficult to say that it was a wooden bridge. There were only about two poles that were as wide as a palm.

Call this a bridge? It was ridiculous.

This match was a combination of strength and speed. Moreover, it was different from the previous one-on-one mode. One had to be wary of the interference of the opponent. In addition to the limitations of the venue, all sorts of factors made it extremely difficult.

Very soon, the teams were divided. Everyone stepped onto the single-plank bridge one by one. With the order of the steward, it could be said that everyone began to display their own powers

A divine light suddenly appeared, and all the pet beasts and magical treasures appeared.

Next to Lin Bai was a man in his thirties. He was the first to make a move. He turned his fist into a palm and struck out, wanting to eliminate him first. However, Lin Bai was as unmoving as Mount Tai.

Not only that, the force of the rebound made the man lose his balance and fall into the water. While he was secretly amazed, Lin Bai had already dashed a few meters away. Wherever he passed, the people were like dumplings falling into the water.

“Splash, splash.”

Accompanied by the occasional sound of the water, a few stewards were watching the scene. “I guess there will be some noise. Im afraid it will take some time to decide the winner.”

In fact, one of the stewards suddenly stammered as if he had seen a ghost. “What did you say just now?”

His companion felt that his expression was a little funny. “I said that this group of people still needs some time –“.

Before he could finish his sentence, he was interrupted. “It seems that someone has already reached the finish line…”


“How is that possible? !”

The moment his voice fell.

“Dang –”

A melodious bell sound came from the center of the lake.

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