Chapter 6: She Will Definitely Never Be a Fool Again

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Mu Feichi clenched his hands into tight fists as he endured the burning heat inside his body.

The tiny effect of the drug wasnt enough to knock him out, but his icy gaze fell upon the young girl before his eyes.

This girl was very smart, so she was able to lead Han Wanling into confessing after taking her in a circle.

But it was likely because of her young age that she didnt yet know how to conceal her emotions.

Did he seem to detect a hint of gloating on this girls face?

Her eyes were lively and unblemished, so crisp, that they sparkled like stars. Yet they were devious like a foxs.

He turned around to press the alarm on the wall and the bodyguards outside quickly rushed in.

“Throw her into the woods to feed the wolves!” Mu Feichi pointed to Han Wanling as he commanded icily.

“Yes! Master Mu!”

“No… Master Mu, I didnt do it… I wasnt the one to do it… This wretched girl is framing me!”

Han Wanling wasnt dumb enough to voluntarily admit that she had tricked Mu Feichi.

Admitting it was tantamount to death!

But Han Wanling also panicked when she heard about the wolf pack in the woods; she was so frightened, that she directly knelt on the ground.

“I dont even know you and havent ever held grudges against anybody lately. Why would I want to frame you?”

Yun Xi looked at the French windows the bodyguards had opened and was deathly afraid the snow leopard would bound inside.

She hadnt planned on getting involved but merely stepped in to lead Han Wanling into a confession. That way, Yun Xi would earn a right to speak before Mu Feichi and be able to spare Han Wanlings life.

If Han Wanling was fed to the wolves now, then there would be Han family drama to play out in the future.

Yun Xi must keep control of the situation in this life!

For all the pain she suffered, she would return it ten-fold to all of them!

Within Yun Xis eyes, Mu Feichi noticed cruelty not relative to her young age. He was both surprised and a bit curious.

“Master Mu, I really wasnt the one to do it! It was her! Shes framing me! Just look at the entire Jingdu—what woman doesnt like or admire you? This b*tch obviously failed to seduce you, thats why she purposely blamed it on me!”

Han Wanling had used much effort to sneak into this forest, so she had no idea why Yun Xi would have appeared here.

She probably wouldnt have raised such a ruckus if she knew.

No one would risk their lives to battle against wolves in order to seduce Master Mu.

It would be impossible to use the ploy of a “th

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