Ethan ran around the building, huffing and panting. Cries of Agony filled his ears, but he carried on running. He could see some people had formed ranks and were fighting the invaders, but their powers were hardly doing a thing.

Ethan ran into an almost demolished building. Rubbles and chunks fell, but he didn care. All he could manage to think of was

”Hag, where are you? ”

He continued running aimlessly around the building, until he came across a room and saw a woman lying on the ground.

”Hag! ” he screamed and ran up to her. But the state he saw her in, punctured a hole in his heart

”Oh, Im sorry…. so, so sorry. I should –, ”

Hag coughed out blood and smiled at the kid holding her in his arms. She could see clearly he was worried for her. But that was where the problem was, because she was also worried for him. And what was about to happen, she just wondered how he would take it all in.

Ethan was a fourteen years old orphan, who only knew how his parents looked like through some carved stone statues. In the Nomad realm, they were not known for their magic like the Fairies, or speed like the Zoriks, or strength like the Goblins. But one thing they were known for was their craftsmanship.

All his life, Ethan had always been ignored and bullied. But the only person who seemed to be different was no one but Hag, and there she was, half-dead.

A drop of tear rolled down his eyes. ”Ill kill them. Im gonna kill those damn demons. ”

The old woman shook her head. ”Listen, Ethan. Promise me youll do what Im about to say. ”

”Ill kill them. They did this to you? Im freaking gonna make them regret it ”

”Do you think so? Are you even sure you can touch one? ” Hag asked.

Ethan looked through the broken window. The Elders were already fighting the demons, but even they were overwhelmed. They attacked the demons with automatons, but the demons destroyed it with a single fist.

”Oww! ” the demon laughed, ”It tickles, a lot. ”

Somewhere else, a demon could be seen destroying a building. Every punch he gave weakened the building, and soon it came down, pouring debris on him, but the demon still had a grin on his face.

”Ours! ” he screamed. ”All ours! ”

”Why? Why are they attacking us? ” Ethan asked Hag.

She tapped his wrist. ”You have to listen. I know you want to go out there and fight, but do you really think you can make a mark on their skin? ” she said. ”I can see you have great potentials. Even the whole of Nom isn aware of the power they have neglected. There is still room for you to grow, but not here. You have to go somewhere else, and get the hang of the great powers you have. ”

She coughed o

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