The three splinted off to their different classes. While Jason headed to his homeroom class, both Ethan and Shane struggled to find their class. Soon they found a classroom, with the number 5b.

”Do you think we
e going to be punished for coming to class late? ” Shane asked

”I can say, but the teacher seemed to be nice, so even if we get punished, it should be minimal. ”

The door flung open, and a boy stood there. Ethan recognized him immediately.

”What are you guys doing here? ” Ray asked. ”You should get in now; the teacher would be here soon. ”

”So you mean? ” Shane gulped, but ray ran into the class before he could complete.

The students were all playing and chatting. As soon as they entered, every one turned their attention on them. And they began to murmur.

”Hey, isn that the guy who got the lowest in the introductory test? ”

”Yeah, But who is that guy with him? ”

”Wait, I remember him. Hes one of those bottom feeders. ”

Ethan heard some of the insults, but chose to ignore. After all, embarrassment had become a daily occurrence to him; Courtesy of the Nom world.

The two boys scanned the room, but all the chairs seemed to be already filled.

”Over there, ” Shane pointed. It was the remaining two seats stationed at the back.

Just as they settled to sit, the door swung wide and the whole class fell silent as Tricia walked in slowly.

”Good morning you all, ” She apologized, ”Im sorry Im late, but it was due to the emergency meeting called. ”

She moved to the digital board and wrote TRICIA on it.

”As some of you might know, Im a new teacher who has decided to join the school this term, so I might not be as proficient as the other teachers, but I promise to try my best ”

She pointed to the board.

”My name is silver, and to start the class, Ill like you all to stand up one by one and introduce yourself to the whole class. ” She looked around the class, ”Ill start with you. ”

The boy jumped off his seat. ”My name is Jordan Kane, and Im an E tier. ”

It was clear the boy just wanted to show off so as to impress the teacher and the class, but Tricia just nodded and moved to the next person.

Each person called would say their name and Tiers. Some even stated their abilities.

”You, ”

”My name is Ray. ” Ray said and sat immediately.

e Tier. You should also say your tier. ” A boy said.

”Its enough. If he doesn want to speak his rank, leave him be. ”

The students didn approve of this, but alas, there was nothing they could do.

She moved on to Rex and Shane and they both spoke their name only. That left only Ethan remaining.

”Im Ethan Bree. ” He said quickly but as he was ready to sit, Tricia spoke.

”Sorry, have we met. ”

”Uh? ”

Tricia looked at him from head to toe, and they whole class also noticed this.

”Im sorry. Its just… you seem to look like someone I know. ” She said nervously. ”Your name again, ”

”Ethan Bree. ”

Tricia nodded as she forced herself to look away from him.

”Now Ill like you all to sign up for your combat classes. ”

A girl raised her hand.

”Please maam. What is a combat class? ”

Just like the regular school, the students were still required to take basic subjects like math and English, but they were also required to take combat classes so as to help them train.

The combat classes were divided into three categories. They included the ability class, the weapon class and the Martial class

Tricia held a tab, similar to their Android cards but a lot bigger. She punched on it and images began to appear on the digital board.

”This screen here indicates what ability combat classes you will be attending. Look carefully and locate what group your name falls in. ”

The screen was split into different categories, elemental ability, support ability, healing ability and so on.

Ethan looked through the screen but didn seem to find his name.

”If your name isn here, that just means your ability doesn fall in any of the group. This means you are free to join the class of your choice. Though students are free to switch between ability classes, it is advisable to stick to your category so as to help you grow in that aspect. ” Tricia pointed out. ”Unlike the ability class, it isn compulsory to join the weapon or martial class. But for your own good, its advisable to join at least one of the two. ”

”I wonder what class would be suitable for me. ” Ethan thought.

The class ended and there was going to be an hour break before the next class starts.

”Hey Shane, what combat class do you think we should attend? ” Ethan asked.

”I don know for you. But I know what is best for me. ” Shane stood and was heading for the door.

”Wait, ” Ethan called out. ”Can I come with you? ”

”I would have loved it, but I have to go alone. ”

Ethan was not ready to leave him. Hed watched Shane walk into the woods, and he wanted to find out what he went doing there.

Immediately they walked out of there class, someone was there waiting for them. And it happened to be a familiar face.

”I believe you
e Ethan and Shane. ” Marvin said. ”Well our boss will like to see you both. ” He showed off his I.D which stated he was a second year and also an E tier.

”Look, I don care who your boss is but Ill advice you to move away now. ” Shane tried to push him, but the guy stood still stubbornly. Shane applied more pressure but the boy didn move an inch.

”So weak, ” Marvin laughed. He whistled and two other boys walked toward them. They were both E tiers.

”Its best if you don make a single noise. ” Marvin advice as the boys escorted both Shane and Ethan to the back of a building. It was a place that was totally void of people; a perfect place to execute their plan.

The two would have liked to fight for their freedom but they knew it was useless. Marvin alone was sure to handle the two.

When they got to the place, they were surprised to see three more people, and one of them happened to be Mo.

”Ill like to make this meeting as formal and quick as possible. ” Mo stood up, ”you too were aware I invited your friend to our club, but he declined. And I believe the reason was the two of you. I order you both to cut all ties with Jason, and even convince him to join our group. ”

”Look big guy. Jason is our roommate, but it doesn mean hes our friend. Its his choice if he wishes to join your damn group or not, why drag us into this. ” Shane spat out. It was clear the guy wasn fazed with all the people around him.

But Ethan could feel the strange aura coming from them all. There was no telling what they would do if they went against their order.

Mo smiled. ”You can go, but if you go against my order, youll regret your actions for the rest of your lives. ”

The boys turned to leave.

”But thats if you live to see another day. ”

* * * * * TO BE CONTINUED * * * * *

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