Somewhere in earth realm, men in uniform could be seen patrolling an area. It was a cold night with no source of light, except the full moon, and some torches. But another source of light began to show.

Golden lights began to beam, until a portal had fully formed. The personnel there watched the portal widen, and readied their weapons.

”A portal ” one spoke into a black device ”I repeat a portal just opened. We do not know what is on the other side yet, but….. ”

From the strange portal, a little boy rushed out. He immediately fell to his knee and began to sob.

”Hag…Hag. ”

”Its a boy. ” The man completed his sentence and put off the device. The men were about to attack, but the man held his hand and signaled them to wait. He pointed his gun at the intruder, and walked toward him slowly.

”Your hand behind your back, ” he ordered but the boy just continued to sob. ”to that right now or Ill shoot. ”

Ethan looked up and saw about half a dozen Noms, no this was another realm, so they had to be called another thing. But they all had weapons pointed at him, and they looked like they were scared to approach him.

”Who are you? Whats your name. ” the man asked again

Ethan wanted to speak but it came out as a sob. He still couldn get the picture of Hag, with the Demons hand inside her stomach.

The man felt a little pain in his chest seeing a little boy cry like that, but with what had been happening in the world, they couldn take chances.

He reported the situation again, and received an order. He told the others this, and they began to inch their way closer to the strange boy. Just as Ethan was about to speak, he felt something on his neck and his vision blurred immediately.

”Make sure he is out, and take his to the –. ”

He was unable to hear the rest as he lost consciousness

* * * * *

When Ethan woke up, he found himself in a pitch black room. There was no source of light except a blue glowing orb, stationed on the ceiling.

”ha. Good you are awake ” a voice said at his front. ”I was beginning to fear, those soldiers drugged you too much and you wouldn survive ”

Ethan heard a click and white light laminated the whole place. He saw the voice that spoke earlier was a woman with a dirty blond hair. She wore a green dress and was sitting on a wooden chair.

So was Ethan, but the difference was that while the woman was free to move, Ethans wrist and ankle was tied to the chair. It was not too tight, but at the same time made it impossible for him to move them.

He noticed two men were also stationed at the side of the strange room as guards. They also wore a green cloth with brown dots, and also had the weapon he saw the other men use.

”I don know if you are aware of what happened recently ” the woman started. ”But if our suspicions turned on the other side, I hope you will know we mean no harm ”

She nodded to one of the guards and he stood behind Ethan and shoved a strange gear on his head. Ethan tried to pull it away, but with his hand tied, it was impossible. The guard connected the wires on the gear to a machine and Ethan felt a wave of current pass into his body.

”So Im going to ask you some questions, and Ill like you to answer sincerely ” she laughed ”well, well know if you say otherwise. So my first question. ”

She pulled a file on the table. ”What is your name?

Ethan hesitated, ”my name? ” he asked back. ”Ethan Bree ”

The woman looked at the machine, then back to him. ”I guess you said the truth since there is no reaction. So to the next question; how old are you? ”

Ethan stared across the room. He still didn understand what was going on, why they were interrogating him.

He thought of something. ”Fourteen, ”

* Ding*

The machine sounded, and soon after he felt a shock wave run through his body.

The woman rolled her eyes at him. ”Again, how old are you? ”

”So she was right when she said she would know if I lie. ” Ethan thought. ”How the hell is that possible. ”

”Fifteen, ” He answered sincerely.

This time, the machine didn make any sound. The woman jotted before asking her next question. ”Where are your parents? ”

That question brought bad memories to him, but he answered. ”They are both dead. ”

The woman sighed. ”I know this can be a little hard on you, but can I know what killed them? ”

Ethan shook his head ”No. ”

Thankfully, no shock wave ran through his body.

”Listen boy, we
e trying to help you here, so you also have to help yourself. ”The woman said in a calm voice. ”We just suffered an attack of recent, and everyone is on their toes. We could have sent you straight to the military, but we want to give you a chance. So can you answer the question, please? ”

Ethan took a deep breath in ”they were killed by aliens. ”

”I guessed so ”the woman thought. She placed her hand on the table and looked straight into Ethans eyes. ”The report said you came through a portal, can you tell me how –. ”

”I don know! I don know who the hell you all are, or where I am! ” Ethan screamed, ”Just go away! ”

The woman locked eyes with the guards and they went to the corner of the room.

”So far, everything has been going well, but there is something fishy about the boy. ” The woman said. ”I think we should send him to –. ”

The man shook his head. ”no. can you see, hes just a boy. His parents were killed by demons. Hes broken and sending him there could just worsen the matter. ”

”And how would you explain him coming from another realm. He could be a spy ”

”The machine would have told if he lied, except theyve found a way to alter the results, and that is pretty impossible. ” The man said. ”I think he is just one of those who were taken as slaves by the demons. But how he managed to escape I cannot say ”

”what do you think we should do with him now? ” asked the woman

The man thought for a moment before he came up with an idea. ”School is starting tomorrow. Ant luckily, hes of the perfect age to start school. Ill suggest we send him off to the rangers academy. ” The man answered. ”We need someone like him, someone who has perfect hatred for the aliens. If we can make him strong, he will be a great tool. What do you think about that? ”

”Thats a very good idea ” the woman said. ”Make the preparations. Tomorrow, well be sending him to the academy ”

she sat opposite Ethan. ”Don worry, I understand how you feel. Well be sending you to the Rangers academy tomorrow, have a nice day. ” The door slammed behind her before Ethan could ask any questions, and the guards seemed to follow her.

”Wait, get me outta here. ” Ethan screamed but it all bounced on deaf ears.

”maam, do you think that was right. We shouldn have left him there. ”

The woman smiled. ”Worry not. We still aren sure hes not a spy. ” She said. ”Turn on the cameras; well watch his every move till daybreak ”

***** TO BE CONTINUED ******

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