Ethan counted minutes, then hours, and more hours, yet no one seemed to come and get him in the room.

And if there is one thing he hated, that was being idle, and restrained. To worsen matter, he didn know the realm he was. Yes, the people he met earlier may look normal, but that didn mean they weren demons. What if they were about to do something bad to him; All these thoughts were just making him go crazy.

”Let me out! ” he screamed and the door swung open.

A man stood by the door and studied Ethan for a second. ”You are right. ” He smiled. ”Its time to get out of here. ”

The man threw a bag over his head, and without any resistance, he slept off.

In an instant, he felt a hand on his shoulder. He forced his eyes open, and was greeted with the blues of the sky. He wasn the only one there, there were about a hundred of kids around the same age as him, and they also seemed to be surprised about their surroundings. The most surprising thing was they well all dressed in some sort of grey uniform with blue tint on it.

”How did I get here? Wasn I just at the station a second ago? ”

Soon their complaint turned into wows, as they accessed their surroundings the more. It was a sight none of them had ever seen, most especially Ethan.

In his realm, the best they could ever see was stone automatons, some vehicles, and maybe air planes and even those were rare. But here, Ethan could see robots shipping ballots. They all moved like they had minds of their own.

Mini ships flew in the air. Machines moved tools and other equipment. The architecture and engineering were amazing. But the students were soon snapped out of their daze by a man with frizzy hair.

He stood stiffly in front of all the students, cleared his throat and began to speak. ”My name is Jeff Jin. ” He started ”and this is where you are going to spend the next year of your life. ”

He intentionally paused, so as to let them murmur a bit, before he raised his hand and there was silence once again.

”As you all know, the threat with the demons is getting too unbearable for us, and what would happen once they start another war? So we have decided to not take chances and all kid of your age is ordered to be trained so you can be useful during the next war. ”

It was news all the students already knew, well, except Ethan.

”Skipping the introductions ” Jeff said. ”Your tests will be starting now. Once your name is called, you move into this circle and the test will immediately begin. The rest details will be explained later on. ”

He pulled out a script and began to call out names. ”Eden Moore ”

A short boy walked bravely to Jeff and stood inside the circle. A strange machine settled above him. A blue spotlight covered him, and when the light vanished, the guy also had.

The students began to shift uneasily, but Jeff ignored all the murmurs and continued calling out names. Soon after, he shouted ”Ethan Bree! ” and Ethan walked slowly into the circle.

”So you
e Ethan ” Jeff chuckled. ”Lets see how good you are. ”

A bright blue light blocked his vision and when the light died down, Ethan realized he was in a place which looked like an arsenal. There were all sorts of weapons; swords, arrows, hammers, axes, and so on.

Then he heard a voice around him pick a weapon of your choice. ”

Ethan gazed around, and picked a sword. And he was teleported to a forest like area.

A screen appeared before him.

Rules: survive as long as you can, and kill as many beasts as you can a feminine voice spoke in his head.

Your endurance would be starting in 3…..2…1…0

”Whats the meaning of –? ”


The sound seemed to come from his left. He turned and saw a giant bear like beast running toward him on all fours. The bear was a few inches away from him when he swung his sword and sliced the bear in half.

”Congratulations, you have passed level 1. ”

”Level 2 begins now. ”

Ethan didn even have time to inhale the good news. When a roar came again, no not one. Two roars. The same bear like beast came out from the shadows again, except they were now two and they were bigger. ”

Ethan took a fighting stance and motioned the sword in front of him.

”Okay. Lets have some fun ” he thought as the two bears charged from either angle at once.

***** TO BE CONTINUED *****

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