Jason heard the door creaked behind him, and as he turned, he saw a frizzy red-haired boy standing by the door. Jason stopped the music and jumped to his feet but the boy just stood by the door.

”Come on in. I was afraid I wouldn get a roommate ” Jason said. ”You have no idea how lonely Ive been. ”

Ethan found the courage and slammed the door behind him. Jason took his wrist and dragged him to one of the beds stationed in the corner of the room.

”What! Why staring at me like that? ” Jason said. ”You have no idea how menacing you look right now. You should wear a better look, and your hair, you should also get a better haircut. ”

Ethan raised a brow and frowned at this. Jason also noticed this and began to laugh.

”Come on, I was just joking. ” He soon realized Ethan was not laughing.

”My bad. Is this really how to welcome a person. ” Jason thought and offered Ethan his palm. ”Jasons the name. ”

Ethan took the hand. ”Ethan Bree. ”

Jason looked startled for a moment. ”Did I hear you say Bree? ”

”Yea, anything wrong with that, ”

”No, no. its just – ”

His eyes locked on the ring around Ethans neck. His hand jerked forward, but before he could touch it, Ethan smacked his hand away.

”Im sorry. But no one touches this. ” He stood and moved to one of the beds.

There were four beds in total, which meant he would have at three roommates. Yet no other bed side was occupied apart from Jasons.

He had no luggage, so he just jumped on the bed and covered himself with the sheet. ”Guess hes just like the rest. ”

Jason watched Ethan march angrily to the west bunk. But instead of being angry, he had a sinister smile on his face. ”First it was the Bree, and now the Seal metal. Guess Ive found someone who can get me promoted. ”

He looked at his hand which was turning blood red. When Ethan swiped away his hand, his fingers brushed the red ring lightly, and that was all needed.

He sat on his bedside and looked at the clock stationed on the wall.

”9:30. ” He said aloud. ”Am I really going to get no roommates? ” He stared back at Ethan. ”Yea, apart from him, ”

Then the door squeaked a bit and soon after the door swung open. Ethan also sat up and looked at the person by the door.

”Shane! ” he blurted out and covered his mouth immediately.

Shane looked at him. ”You again? Oh, why must I be so unlucky? ” He turned back like he wanted to go out of the room, but someone said.

”30 minutes until curfew. Every student is expected to head back to their rooms immediately. Punishment awaits anyone who disobeys the rule. ”

He looked back but the two boys looked just as startled as he was.

”Did I just hear that in my head? ”

Apparently, the other boys also got the same message, and it looked like it was send directly into their head.

”Oh, I get it. Its probably some kind of telepathy ability. ” Jason figured it out first. ”But a person has to have a very large energy ball to send it to so many people. ”

Shane then turned back and walked to one of the bunks. As he moved closer, both Jason and Ethan noticed some things about him. His face was swollen and bloody. Cuts and bruises filled his skin, and his clothes were almost shredded into rags.

The duos eyes locked on Shane as he made his way to the east bunk. This gesture didn go unnoticed by Shane though.

”Why are you both staring at me like that? ”

”Guy, you
e wounded. I can imagine how painful those wounds must be. ” Jason said. ”But come to think of it, how did they get there. ”

He answered his question himself. ”Wait! Don tell me some people bullied you. ” Jason said sincerely annoyed. ”Look boy, I think you should report this to the school…. ”

Shane hissed. ”Heres the thing, the fact that we
e roommates doesn make us friends, huh? ”

He looked at his shredded clothes. ”Oh! How am I meant to keep putting this on? ”

”Um, if you don mind, I could give you some of mine. ” Jason offered

Shane studied him. ”Hmm, I like you. But no! ” he lay on the bed. ”Once you two are done staring at me, don forget to put off the light. ”

Seconds later, an annoying sound filled the air, and the sound was coming from no other than Shane himself.

Jason looked back at the clock, which now read 9:58.

”Am I really that annoying? I just got two roommates and they are already angry at me. ” He looked back at the clock; it seems these two were the only roommates he was going to get.

Just before he lied on his bed, he looked up at the two sleeping boys and mumbled. ”Im sorry if I pissed you off, but I promise to make it up to you. ”

To him, he might have just whispered it, but someone heard.

”I wonder why hes acting so nice even though hed only known us for a few minute. ” He thought. ”Looks like I have to be extra careful. ”


The next morning, two boys could be seen sitting on a chair and looking toward a boy shivering on a bed.

”I…I am sorry….I ” Shane mumbled as he was shuddering on the bed. His eyes were closed, and if one would look closely drops on tears rolling onto the sheets. His body was filled with sweats, and with the way e spoke, it was certain he was so…scared.

”How long has he been like that? ” Ethan asked.

”For as long as I remember. ” Jason answered.

There was an awkward moment of silence between the two.

”Don you think we should wake him up? ” Ethan asked and Jason laughed.

”Believe me if I say Ive tried any possible way, but he doesn seem to respond to any. ”

There was silence again, listening to all he was saying.

”Im sorry Bacchus ” Shane mumbled. ”The beast. I know nothing. It wasn me. I never meant to hurt you ”

The beast? What the hell did he mean by that?

The Shane began to scream as he rolled all over the bed.

Ethan stood but Jason placed a hand on his wrist. Wait.

”Please! Im sorry, I… ”

Ethan couldn bear seeing him like that. He broke his wrist from Jason grip and he ran to Ethan. It started with a soft tap, but after seconds of not responding, it upgraded to a few hard hits.

”I already told you. He isn responding to anything. Its like –. ”

The screams from Shane stopped and his lid opened slightly.

”You! ” he screamed and pushed Ethan far away from him. ”How many times must I tell you to stay off me? ”

He looked around and says the fierce looks the duos were giving him.

”Whats with the look you both are giving me? ”

”What was that about? You were screaming, shivering. Shane you were crying. ”

Shane forced a laugh. ”And whats that even supposed to mean. ” He said. ”You were probably dreaming. ”

”No, you were having a nightmare. ” Jason said, slightly annoyed. ”We tried every possible way to wake you but it all failed. You sounded so scared. You had us worry. ” Shane jumped off the bed. ”You two should go check yourselves, its vivid you were both hallucinating. ”

”Hey you should give us an explanation. Come on, we
e your –. ” Jason paused. Shane had made it clear they weren friends.

Shane walked to the bathroom, and then he looked back. ”How long? ”

How long? Does he mean how long we were listening to him gibbering?

”How long do we have before the first class starts? ”

Jason gave a frantic breath. ”About an hour. ”

”Good. You guys should get dressed, and not waste your time pondering over what didn happen. ” He gave a smile. ”All the same, Thanks for worrying about me. But I don appreciate it. ”

She door slammed, pulling Jason and Ethan out of their trance. It was clear Shane was hiding a secret, and he was not going to tell. Besides, why should Jason be angry, he also had his own secrets he was keeping? With that thought, his head jerked toward Ethan.

”I hope you don have secrets too. Else our little group might just be a lot more awry. ”

* * * * * TO BE CONTINUED * * * * *

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