In My Two Worlds

Saving the captured (Ch-2)

Whats going on?

Everywhere I looked, my surroundings were being shattered like glass and then it went all black.

Huh? Where am I?

I looked around and I was in some city plaza. I don remember having such architecture in my city. It reminded me of architecture I saw in my history book. Renaissance was it? The buildings were mostly white or off white with a bit of gold paint on parameters like rooftops and windows.

I quickly checked my pockets first. I had my phone but no signals…

It was awfully quiet for a city plaza. Not a single soul in sight. No, there was no one here. At least in my vicinity. I couldn hear anything or anyone. No humans, no cars… nothing. A ghost town? The buildings were all damaged. The windows were cracked or broken. The doors were open as well. I started walking around to see if anyone was there.

I tried looking into houses and most of them still had furniture. I for now theorize that something happened and people mustve left in a hurry. Maybe it was so urgent that they didn even bother to take their stuff with them. Houses smelled like what youd expect from a ghost town. Rotten.

One extremely important detail was that there was absolutely no technology in these houses. No TV, no refrigerator, no air conditioning units. Not only did the architecture look medieval but Im now afraid that I might be actually in the middle ages. I decided to not make much of a sound or call out for anyone. I didn know whether the location was even safe or not. Making commotion would only get me unnecessary attention. What if the city was occupied by some bandits?

I started walking in some random direction. Noticing the Sun, I happened to go in the north direction. I should remember where I started.

I heard something finally!

Footsteps? Bustling? There must be many people. Why didn I notice them from where I had started? They
e loud enough for me to pick them up back there. Whatever, I guess. I quietly kept walking. I still was not sure what kind of people might be here so I need to stay low.

I have to get back home somehow. If Im on Earth, which Im not even sure honestly, I could just ring my parents up and turn myself over to the police and see things from there.

Because I randomly woke up in this place, its safe to assume that I was kidnapped. My parents are rich so I can understand that but leaving me in middle of the city seems rather stupid of these kidnappers so I have to throw this possibility out. I want to avoid investigation so I will just lie that I escaped from the kidnappers and make up some story. I honestly couldn care less right now. Im a student and have things to worry about. Its a sad reality that we live in but getting back home on time for my entrance exam is my priority right now.

I walked into an alleyway which was probably linked to the main market road. I hid behind a trash bin which also didn seem like the type youd see in Australia. I peeked out and saw a bunch of people dressed up walking down the street dancing. Their clothes were vibrant colors like red, yellow and golden. Their faces were covered up with masks that resembled animals and mythical creatures. Tigers, dragons, rhinos and whatnot. It might be a parade. Still doesn explain the earlier silence but I guess I can walk in. I was wearing a pink hoodie and black sweatpants. I wouldn stick out with something so bland.

I walked into a parade with no spectators. Now that I was closer to them I noticed a certain smell. It has to be blood. I looked around and saw heaps over heaps of corpses. So, these were not humans then? Was I facing monsters? Are these monsters the reason there is no one in this town?

My brain came up with two possibilities.

Either people are in hiding or they were killed en masse. Frankly, I didn care about either. One noticed me then slowly all noticed me. I started running at full pace. I didn care anymore where I was going. All I hoped was that I wouldn run into a dead-end. Im too young to be eaten alive. They weren as fast which was good but then I saw a few flying over my head which was bad. If they catch me, Im dead.

I need a plan. An assumption is Im the only human here so, Ill break into a house. The problem in these situations is that when there is a big threat which is clearly impossible to beat, people turn against each other. If someone was there, I can rule out the possibility that they would attack me to either take all the stuff or well in my case, maybe eat me since I don really have much on me.

I started looking around to see if any house gets my attention. If any does, I will loop around and break into it but before I could, someone pulled me in. I fell on the floor and they closed and locked the door and then slid a cabinet in front of the door.

The lights were off but because of sunlight, I could make out my surroundings perfectly fine. So, I was in fact in a different dimension altogether. Getting back home for exams would be impossible. But those corpses… I feel sick. Its so overwhelming that I can even comprehend the scene. Because of adrenaline, the reality hadn hit me but now it was starting to set in. I was still shaking from fear and my heart rate wasn even going down. My legs felt so weak that I couldn get up. So, am I in a hopeless position? Is there no way out of it?

As I was processing all the information and forming questions, someone poked me. Oh right! The person who pulled me in. I looked up and saw 2 girls. One seemed to be the same age as me, around 17 or 18 but the other girl was significantly younger, maybe 7-8. The older one had rose gold hair which was shoulder length. She was wearing a worn out sundress with shorts underneath. Her dress was a really dull shade of blue with patches on it. She looked extremely weak. She was definitely malnourished. The younger girl was almost a copy of her. You could easily tell that they were siblings.

”Thanks for saving me. ” I finally said and stood up.

”He looks tasty! ” The younger girl said enthusiastically and the older girl nodded to her statement.

Is it some kind of kink? Do they mean it in a matter of fact tone? I honestly can tell.

”So whats your name? ” The older girl asked.

”Kara… ” I replied unsure of whether I should even give my real name or not. Though I ended up giving away my real name. ”Whats your name? ” I asked in return.

”No need to know that. You
e dying anyway. We will remember you forever. No hard feelings. ” The older girl said before pulling out a knife. She tried to stab me but I could easily tell she was an amateur. Being the only son of a rich person, I was taught self defense from a really young age. I never actually disliked it since self-defense is really important. What if you somehow run into two siblings who are into cannibalism? Anyways, I kicked her away. There was a massive gap between us. It was somewhat stupid for her to even attempt. Unlike me, who lived a healthy life, she barely had any muscles. I could tell both of them were going through hard times so I felt bad for them. Of course, they want to kill me but Im not heartless… not COMPLETELY heartless. Anyways, I snatched the knife away from her and squatted down to be on the same level as her.

”Bother to explain? ” I asked and she was confused at first.

I didn see any will or hope in her eyes. They were dead. Maybe the moment I defeated her she gave up. From the looks of it, maybe cannibalism is normal in this world. I could come up with endless theories but I hope she gives an actual answer.

”You don know? ” She asked in a confused tone.

”I.. guess. I was attacked earlier and it seems like Ive lost my memories. ” I lie as easily as I breathe.

”Makes sense… Well about 1 year ago, these demons showed up from nowhere and took over 1/3rd of the continent. Right now the unoccupied nations of the continent are trying to hold them off but they
e barely holding a stalemate. A single wrong move could result in the end of humanity. ” She replied. At first, I wouldve thought she had to be lying. That it had to be a pathetic and tasteless joke but I was hearing this after seeing those corpses. I had no option but to believe her. So, they were in fact demons. Well I did see a few with wings.

”Lyla… are we going hungry tonight too? ” The little girl asked.

I searched my pockets and pulled out 2 protein bars. Oh right the last memories were of me shopping. I have coffee beans too. If this world doesn have coffee I can just grow some. Protein bars don weigh much but they
e nutritious and keep you full for a while. I handed one to each. I wasn hungry for now. Ill let them have it. I patted the little girl and smiled.

”Ill see what I can do. Its going to be ok now that Im here. ”

I said knowing damn well I was lying. But this kid needs hope right now.

”Your parents? ” I asked and the two girls mood changed from being happy to see food to being sad. I have a good guess. ”Don tell me about it. Im sorry. ”

For now, my priority has changed. School can wait but not these girls. Not only that but I have to survive too.

”Tell me everything that you know. ” I asked and Lyla nodded.

”So, we are in the north part of the continent. There were 14 countries on the continent. But then demons appeared in our country and within 2 days took over completely. Rumors say their army is of a hundred thousand demons and each demon is equal to a platoon. Slowly they took over 4 of the 14 countries but since then they have stopped capturing more countries. Rumors say that they have more than enough power but for some unknown reasons they decided to put things in a deadlock. Resources started running out because no one had expected demons. We were just not ready. Other countries tried sending help but their armies were wiped out too. Since then people have started to hoard food and resources and kill each other and eat each other in case they don have food. ”

After she was done explaining the two ate their bars. I need to come up with a plan to survive. If there are still 10 countries on the continent then our chance of survival is there. But having two people by my side could hinder my progress. Especially that kid.

”Do demons have any kind of powers? ” I asked and she nodded.

”They have wings to fly, they can also breathe fire or water from their mouths and are unbelievably strong. ”

”Can you just shoot their wings? ”

”Bows are slower than them. ”

”Bows? No. I mean guns. ”

”Whats a gun? ”

Is she kidding me?

”Wait- Do you have a printing press? ”

”Whats that? ”

I facepalmed. So, I was in a world with technological development of the 1300s. Thats even if Im lucky.

If Im able to form a team good enough to fight, I might get them to a safer location.

I felt like I had to protect them. Not just the two girls in front of me but people. Maybe its my mothers side. Being minister of national defense, she genuinely cared for the safety of citizens. Im not some overpowered person who could plow through it or a lucky person. I have to take into account that I have a child under my care. A completely hopeless situation. Is it?

”Hey Lyla? How is the underground system? ” Do they even have a sewage system? I know even The Romans had such a system so I can just hope.

”We do have underground tunnels but they are unsafe. They are crowded by god knows what kinds of people. ” Lyla said while looking down with a sad expression. ”Kara… I don know what kind of person you are but I have no chance of running away from you. Neither me nor Roxy. So, can we make a deal? ”

”Id say Im a pretty decent guy but sure. ” The world I come from is mostly peaceful. Not for everyone of course but its way better than even the 1900s. I had no reason to be evil. No, maybe, you can say Im naive.

”You can use me however you want but please in return don harm Roxy. ” She pleaded.

I had no exact plans of doing anything to her but her sisterly love was showing. It resembled my dads love for his sister. I don understand it because Im a single child but I do know my dad would do almost everything for his sister too. They fight all the time but have each others back too. Even if she hadn made the offer I was going to protect them anyways.

”I have no use for you in a more practical way. You can do anything that I can . Not only that but Im a respectable guy. Im not doing anything unethical or committing crimes. But I can even imagine seeing a child live in terror. Every child deserves a peaceful life. Thats why we will cross the area captured by demons and take refuge in a country. With my knowledge and with a nations financial backing, I can do something. ”

So she is really just that desperate. Maybe its how she thinks given the situation.

The best and only redeeming quality about me is my knowledge. You can compare me to a college graduate. I do have practical knowledge but I don really have experience. Most of my experience comes from seeing my parents and reading history books. Its all second hand. That could turn problematic.

I have to keep in mind that we are in a hopeless situation so we can expect kindness from others. Lyla and Roxy don trust me but since I defeated them so easily, they mustve just given up and submitted themselves to me. I wish they could trust me but right now thats impossible.

So, underground and ground are out of question and since demons have wings even rooftops seem out of options.

While I was thinking of a plan, Roxy walked up to me and pulled the hem of my hoodie to get my attention.

”Hm? Are you still hungry? ”

She shook her head and looked up at me. ”Are you not going to eat us? ”

I was shook for a moment. A child who is barely 7 years old shouldn be worrying about such things. I smiled at her and shook my head too.

”How can I eat someone as adorable as you? ”

First, we have to get food. Given the location, we could manage something.

”Lyla, is there an ocean or forest nearby? ” She nodded.

”There is an ocean about 15 minutes away from here. Why? ”

”Why? They have a lot of food in them! ”

”We can really have access to the ocean. ”

”Why? ”

”Some thugs have taken over the area. Maybe if I offer myself up, they will let us through. ”

”Stop with this offering nonsense. You have me. Their worst opponent. ”

A hungry mind has neither morals or ethics.

For now, I have to manage food and seafood seems like the best option. I have to go with whatever I have. I checked my phone and it was at 100% battery. I do remember fairly well that it was on battery saving mode because I was rushing back home.

”Kara whats in your hand? ” Roxy asked out of curiosity and leaned over to see. I smiled and showed her the screen of my phone.

”Its something that will save all of us. ”

I didn have a connection to wifi but almost all books Ive ever read are stored in my phone. I had almost a thousand books. Of course I didn read all of them completely but having them alone is reassuring especially because my phones battery was stuck at 100%. Maybe it has something to do with me teleporting. A red alert message popped up on my phone.

”Kara, sorry, its sudden but you need to save the world if you want to go back. Your phone will stay at full charge but for now I can do anything else. Im busy. Hang in there and you choosing to help the two girls is the best option. – Keira ”

Who is Kiera? So, Im the main character? Knowing that my phone will always stay at 100% battery was assuring.

”Ok, Lyla and Roxy, you two stay here. What direction is the ocean in? ”

”Follow the moon. ” Lyla said and I nodded. I gave Roxy a hug because she definitely needs it and smiled at her.

”Don worry anymore. Because I am here. Hide for now in this building. Don leave or get caught. Keep hiding here. In an hour I will be back with food. ”

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