In My Two Worlds

Forming a party (Ch-5)

I woke up the following day to not just an alarm but a commotion too.

”What? ” I asked Keshi and Lyla who looked confused.

”Sire, that strange object is making a strange voice. ” Keshi stated. I picked up my phone and turned it off.

”Don worry. It tells us when to wake up. ” I replied.

So they will be calling me Sire.

I looked outside the window and it was still too dark to do anything. There were no demons around either.

”Hey, I just noticed a lack of demons. Is there any reason? ”

”Sire, it seems they dislike the ocean for some reason. ” Keshi replied.

Is it salt? Lyla did say they have water magic so being afraid of water itself made no sense to me.

I got up and walked over to my subjects, I guess.

”Who knows how to start a fire? ” I asked and seven women raised their hands.

”You seven step aside. You will take care of cooking. Now from the remaining, how many can do fishing? ” And now three raised their hands.

”Step aside. The remaining two, take those containers and fill them all with ocean water. ”

Soon the sun was up and it was sunny and hot.

Those three women went fishing while others started fires. I told some to put buckets on fire and stir it. If my hypothesis is right then salt is the weakness and not water.

”Sire! There is salt in the water! ” One shouted. I walked over and saw the salt and tasted it, it was in fact salt.

”Well here is a bit of wisdom. Ocean water is packed with salt. It has so much salt that even if all merchants came and tried taking it they could never manage to do it. ”

They all nodded and continued on their work while the ones fishing came back with only fishes.

”Where are crabs, prawns and octopuses? ” I asked and they were all confused.

”What are those, Sire? ” Keshi asked.

I picked up a stick and drew a picture in the sand.

”Sire, they
e disgusting. They are small and filled with this weird brownish thing. That one is hard and uses its claws to attack people and the last one is slimy and looks like a monster. We toss them away. Also they
e poisonous too. ” One of the fisherwomen said.

”Go and get me prawns, crabs and octopuses. Quick, we don have all day. ” I ordered in a stern voice. They all ran back to the boats and started looking for prawns, crabs and


I walked over to women who were cooking fish to see they were simply boiling it. It was good but I can enjoy boiled seafood. It makes me throw up due to its soft texture. Im not exactly a picky eater. Actually, I can eat just about anything if its cooked properly.

I can exactly stir fry anything right now. I looked around and saw coconut trees. Considering the hot temperature and being on the beach, it made sense.

”You two, whats your name? ”

”Im Historia and this is Leanna. ” The girl said.

”Historia and Leanna, go get those coconuts. ” I ordered and they left without questioning me.

It would be hard on them, so I should give some tips. In south India, coconuts are an essential part of their diet. Ive seen methods on how they get it since Ive been there many times.

Maybe I should give them lessons on how to survive and practical uses of things they might

not be used to or don know about.

I turned around and saw Historia levitating. I was shocked at it.

My phone went off again.

”You didn come across it but this world has magic. Im sorry. Im still busy so I couldn give you any. Soon I will. – Kiera ”

There this person goes…

”Does anyone have ice related abilities? ” I asked and a kid walked over to me with who seemed like his mother.

”Sire, please make use of my sons ice magic. ” She said, while holding onto his hand.

”I plan on doing just that. ”

Historia and Leanna came back with a dozen or so coconuts.

”Your and your sons name? ” I asked the mother of the child with ice powers.

”Im Patricia and he is Joseph. ” She replied.

”OK. Leanna, Historia and Patricia, grind these coconuts and get their pulp. Add some drinkable water to it and mix them as well as you can and then squeeze the liquid out of the paste you get. Then Joseph will create ice and use that to cool down the liquid for about 12 hours. Make sure its always cold. Then cook the solid on fire till it turns golden and then store it somewhere tight. That liquid is coconut oil. Its used for cooking. ” I instructed them and all four nodded and went off to their work. Starting tomorrow I can have stir fried seafood.

”Keshi? ” I called out and she rushed over to me.

”Stay by my side as my secretary since you
e old and mature enough. ”

”Sire, whats sec…uhm…seketory? ”

”Sec-re-tory. An assistant. I will hand out work and instructions, your job is to make sure work is being taken care of and report to me if there is an issue. ”

I need a notebook and a pen but thats too much to ask… wait-

”Hey Kiera, can I get a notebook and a pen? ” I shouted and both of them appeared in front of me.

”Don shout and don ask for things between 8am and 6pm. Im taking care of your teleportation situation and trying to get you some abilities. ” I read the message that appeared on my phone.

I handed the notebook and pen to Keshi. ”Can you read and write? ” I asked and she nodded.

”Of course, Sire, Im a noble. Or well… I was a noble. ”

”Thats convenient. But right now you are equal to everyone. ” I don think equality is something required right now. Her nobility status will definitely come handy.

”I see. I think its for the best. We don want power struggles in such a dire situation. ” She replied before walking away like an elegant noble that she was.

Only if I wasn a minor I would totally marry her. Of course, I only gave Keshi a position as my secretary because she seemed smart and not because I had a crush on her. Anyways, time to think of the remaining things.

Food and water were being taken care of, I need to think of the safety of everyone including myself. I can jump into a fight to test my hypothesis regarding salt being demons weakness. I also don know if there is any kind of working structure of society within demons or were they just mindless barbaric savages. So, I need to get to the map and make my way down to a place thats not occupied by demons.

I think Keshi would know the most since she was a noble but she is already doing work as secretary so I need someone else.

”Was anyone here a noble in the past? ” I asked, the reason being the fact that I can expect commoners to have vast knowledge of other countries and their politics, economics and


Historia walked up to me and bowed with Leanna accompanying her. The two seemed awfully close and I was definitely jealous of their friendship.

”Yes, Sire. Im the daughter of a count ” She told me and bowed slightly.

”I see. So, I expect you to have knowledge of other countries. ”

”Yes, Sire. ”

”Take me to a church or guild that has a map and tell me about other countries. We will then

decide which country to take refuge in. ”

She nodded and told Leanna something. Maybe the fact that she is leaving with me. Maybe it was off for me because I never had friends or there was something more than friendship between the two.

I took some salt with me in case I got to test my hypothesis.

After about 20 minutes we came across the dead body of a demon right outside of a guild.

YES! A cadaver.

”Historia, help me pick up this body. ”

Historia seemed hesitant but helped me pick it up anyways. We entered the guild building with the body and placed it on a table. Its a treasure now.

I tore open the demons chest and noticed that body was still warm. Blood must have oxygen. I injected a spoonful of salt into the left ventricle of the heart and gave the demon some chest compressions. More like I physically pumped the heart. I didn have excess medical equipment, so this experiment was really something that might not even work. It wasn like I knew how to use those equipements anyways. I only knew the theory and I was putting it to the test. After about a minute of chest compressions, I noticed swollen blood vessels popping out of the demons skin.

So, Im right? Salt is in some way a weakness of demons.

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