our room. ”

I said to Mom and Rei.

” You bastard, you know that I run this house right ? Im your father whether you like it or not and you have to listen to what I say- ”

” Hahahaha, you ?? My father ??? Who do you think you are to call yourself my father !!!!!!! Oh and what did you just say ? You are the owner of this house ? You run this place ?

My father was the one who bought this place and my mother is the official and legal owner of this house and you say that you run this place !!!!!! ”

I yelled at him and threw the plates down in anger,

” SHUT UP- another word from that mouth of yours and I will be kicking you out of this house rascal. ”

He yelled back at me.

” You- Shut your mouth !!!!!!

You aren doing a damn thing to me you bastard !!!!!!

Im going to my room, I will eat there and sleep there all according to me and my own, you will not dare to even knock on my door or Im calling the **ing police on you. ”

I yelled even louder at him and took the food and went to my room and locked myself in.

There was dead silence, I couldn hear anything else from outside the door, Im guessing he finally realised now that he can control me,

I ate my food in silence and texted Rei to help Mom eat her food and just stay with her for the time being.

He texted me back saying ok .

” ( Argh- Seriously who does he think he is ? If not for Mom I definitely would have done something bad today. ) ”

I tried to get my mind off this and decided to do something else,

I decided to look for the incident that took place in front of my eyes on that place today,

I took my phone out and was trying to search for some articles and news that included todays incident,

” (There was not a single one ?) ”

I searched more on the internet and there were some articles about it but there were no videos or pictures ?

Its weird, how can that be possible ??

Did those people take out the videos and pictures even before anyone could take them ?

My headache started to come back and this time it was not that good,

I took the plates and kept it outside the door for either my brother or Mom to take it because I was not leaving this place for a few hours or days even,

Im glad that I have a bathroom and toilet for myself at least,

I laid on the bed and slept almost immediately.

Next day, I woke up pretty early in the morning,

It was 6:30 am.

I decided to go out of my room to check if anyone was awake,

there was no one,

I then wore my clothes and went outside to jog,

If I remember correctly, the mark on the hero is supposed to happen tomorrow.

I was still thinking about what happened yesterday, I went home after a while for jogging for more than 20 minutes, my mom was up and was making breakfast, she was smiling this time too but it was obviously to keep herself together,

I didn say anything and just went to my room, I laid on the bed and waited for a while, after 10 minutes, I got a knock on my door, I half opened it to see who was there and saw there was food outside, I saw Rei sitting on the table and waving at me.

” ( I guess at least those two care about me. ) ”

I thought to myself,

I then took the food inside and started eating it, after eating it I kept the plate outside the door again,

I started to search for that incident once again and there were a few more articles about it now,

Some call it Real and some call it Fake ,

There are even those who call it

Gods messenger ,

” ( Hah- all these people, don they have anything better to do ? Gods messenger ? What bullshit even is that ? ) ”

I thought to myself.

I was pretty much exhausted at this point because I wasn getting anywhere with his,

” Its tomorrow huh…….

I guess Ill check on my Mom, she hasn really talked to me since that day. ”

I got up and left my room.

I got to my parents room, I didn cared if that bastard was inside, I was there to talk to my Mom and see if she was doing ok,

I knocked on the door and waited,


” Yes ? ”

It was Moms voice.

I was silent, probably because I couldn find a way to talk to her, after a full 10 seconds I opened my mouth and said,

” Mom….its me. ”

” Cain ? Is that you dear ? Why didn you say so before ? Come in. ”

Mom said to me and opened the door for me.

I stood outside awkwardly for about a few more seconds and then went inside, she told me to sit on the bed and wait for her till she brings some snacks for me, I said to her to not bother but I guess she was not having that, she went and came pretty quickly and brought me some fries with some sauce.

I was just sitting there in silence trying to keep myself together and wanted to say sorry to her for what happened yesterday but she looked at me and just said that if I want to apologise I should be doing that to my father…….I was sure that I may have heard her wrong but I wasn , she really said that I should apologise to my father which made me feel even worse because I was not gonna do that, I got up, left and went to my room and locked myself up again, she tried to talk to me and even chased me till I went to my room but I just thought it was useless at this point, I changed into my night wear and just went to sleep.

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