In a world where magic is real

The hero is my brother ???

My goodness, to be able to put the sword master into this state just from his aura, he definitely is one of the strongest, his potential… surpasses that of our previous summonings…very well, you proved that you are his brother, thats enough hero, we are not here to harm anyone, you can calm down. ”

The person in the robe said to Rei,

” Huh ? What do you- ”

I interrupted Rei and then said,

” Rei, its ok, they are not here to harm me or anyone else, you can stop now. ”

I said with a smile on my face to calm him down,

” …..Ok, if you say so brother,

Now then, You, speak, what is happening with me and who are you people ? Why did this woman put a blade on my brothers throat ? ”

Rei said to them in a cold tone,

” We deeply apologize to you for this inconvenience but we couldn afford to get you hurt by someone in our presence, I shall explain everything once we reach the otherside- in other words, our kingdom where everyone is waiting for you, we don have enough time, we shall hurry. ”

The old man in the robe said to Rei,

” Wait a second, how can you just take him without even letting him have a say in this ? Mom doesn even know that he is leaving- wait no, where is Mom right now ? ”

I asked the old man,

” *sigh* Both your Father and Mother are safe and been put to sleep with a spell, already before anyone else, they will wake up after a certain amount of time, they- including everyone on this world will forget about the incident that happened two days ago and about today too, they wouldn remember anything,

Oh and talking about your parents,

Its up to you hero, we can make them forget about you temporarily till the time you return here or you can say your final goodbye to them before we leave. ”

The old man said to Rei,

I was a little anxious, thinking that Rei was going to leave with them anyway, so I said,

” Rei, you should….say goodbye to them, their memories won be there anyway after you leave so….why not meet them before you go ? ”

I said to Rei,

He was thinking hard I could tell because it was not something like going outside the country, he was leaving, going to another planet far away from here,

” I…want to meet them. ”

Rei said to the old man,

” As you wish, Hero. ”

The old man then ordered the others to bring Mom and that bastard ( father ) to us as we wait and after that he used a spell on them, which woke them up right after,

Both of them were confused and got a little scared when they saw all of these people surrounding them, Rei and I calmed Mom down and explained what was happening,

After a while,

” Is….there really no other way ? Can you just transfer the mark onto someone else ? You all can use magic right ? Then it should be possible, why should my child bear the burden and responsibility of being a hero when he didn want it in the first place ? ”

Mom questioned the old man,

” Miss you- ”

Someone from the group was trying to say something but the old man stopped him and said,

” Stop, shes the heros mother, she has every right to question and be angry at us,

I am sorry for this miss but, we have to take your son with us,

Hes the one and only hope for our planet, if you don let us take him with us, our planet will be exterminated and taken over by the demon king,

I beg of you, please. ”

The old man said to Mom and bowed in front of her,

” S-Sir you don have to- ”

The old man interrupted and said,

” Quiet, no one will say anything, Im talking to the mother of the child, whom I am about to take away from her, if I can even do this, then for what reason did I take a pledge on that day ? ”

I could see that Mom was stunned from the old man suddenly bowing in front of her, Rei wanted to say something but was interrupted by Mom,

” Sir, please, raise your head,

I don know- I don know you or what is happening and I don even know if this is real….but.I…don want to leave him alone, we are talking about a different planet, a whole different place, and he will be all alone with no one familiar person by his side, can you even guarantee that living there all alone will not break him from the inside ? ”

Mom said to the old man while she helped him stand up.

” I can assure you that the hero will not be alone, there are comrades waiting for him on the other side,

As for him returning, the concept of time is different on both of the side, if your son, the hero stays on our place for about 3 or 4 years, the time here amounts to only 3 to 4 months here,

Its difficult to grasp and understand the knowledge of time even for us but I can assure you of this, he will return. ”

The old man says to Mom.

” …… ”

Mom was silent, she didn say anything.

” Old man, whats your name ? ”

Rei asked him,

” Its Geraz-dono but you can call me Geraz. ”

” So, I have a request before you take me, do you think you can do it ? ”

Rei asked the old man.

” Of course yuusha, your request is my command, just say the word. ”

” Its Rei,

Now then, what I want you to do is,

Let my brother tag along with me. ”

” Huh ? ”

The old man was confused and asked Rei again if he heard him right,

” Rei-sama, do you really want to bring your brother with you ? Its different for you since you are the hero but he still is a normal human being, he won be able to handle things on his own. ”

Ouch, that hurt, but still he is right, just what will I be even able to do there ? Fight the bad guys ? Kill the bandits ? Im literally smaller and not even that strong unlike him, but I guess….. its still better than being stuck here, hes the one asking the old man and Im pretty sure I won survive here alone with this bastard anyway, they could make them forget me too right ? But it all depends on his approval to bring me along or not.

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