Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse

-1 - Ranks/Levels/Realms(Spoilers as of 317)

Chapter -1 – Ranks/Levels/Realms(Spoilers as of 317)

Ranks F>E>D>C>B>A>S







>VOID RANK(A crucial rank that allows one to freely traverse the void of space)


Celestial Rankings encapsulate multiple ranks as their definition of power is much simpler

Rank 1: Epic(Middle Rank 1) Legendary(Middle Rank 2)

Rank 2: Mythical(Middle Rank 2) and Phantasmal(Peak Rank 2)

Rank 3: Transcendent(Middle) and Saint(Peak)

Rank 4: Void(Middle) and Soul(Peak)

Rank 5: UNKOWN

Ranks converge as higher levels are reached, with the same names applying for Cultivators. Example: Transcendent Rank>Transcendent Realm, Saint Rank>Saint Realm, Void Rank> Void Fimerment Realm>Soul Forging Realm

Skill Levels follow the same ranks, with the addition of specialized skills that grow with the user. In terms of power:




Skill Trees:

[Lich Lord of Abomination] (15/15):: Abilities- Summon Poison Totem(5/5), Summon Undead(5/5), Noxious Outburst(5/5), and Dereliction of the Saintly Poison Lord(5/5) >> [Abhorred Lich Emperor](30/30) :: Additional Abilities- Undead Legion(5/5), Will of the Undead Emperor(5/5), and Delay Death(5/5)

[Amorphous Space Beast] (15/15) :: Abilities- Spatial Cage(5/5), Destabilize(5/5), Shattered Star(5/5), and Miniature Space(5/5). >> [Lesser Cthulhu](30/30) Additional Abilities- Morph(5/5), Child of Space(5/5), Portals of Terror(5/5), and Sever(5/5).


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