Chapter 16 – Deterioration

Anderson was standing majestically, atop the rubble as his skills effects finished. A green crystal was rising up as the boss had been killed and he walked down to observe the expressions that he had wanted to see so badly. The expressions of fear and reverence from the people below him

He saw these usual expressions on his old party members, and turned his gaze towards the two new ones.

As soon as he looked over though, a piercing voice rang throughout the destroyed hall. ”What the hell were you doing? Why did you play around and almost kill your teammate? ” Rachel, the berserker that was shooting blade lights all this time had a questioning look on her face as she directly asked this question.

Anderson seemed to be surprised as if he did not expect this type of reaction at all. He looked over at Rachel in a skeptical tone and asked her. ”Oh? Whats giving you the balls to talk to me like that? Were you watching the same scene as everyone else? ”

Rachel defiantly replied with ”Why the hell does that matter? Im asking you, the leader of this party, why you would purposefully act negligent and try to harm your party member when you were in the position to protect them. How can they feel comfortable to hunt with you again? Youve lost all trust, starting with me ”

An incredulous expression arose on Andersons face as something seemed to have clicked in his mind. He gave a loud laugh as he spoke. ”My goodness. I am so sorry. I seem to have not gotten my point through. If it wasnt extremely clear from my actions and from my words, I dont give a damn. ” Anderson finished with these words in a condescending tone.

Rachel didnt stand down as she continued. ”So what? Because you have a higher rank skill and are more powerful than us, that means you can choose to do whatever you want? You would endanger your party members just to get your point across? For what? ”

Anderson was startled once again and said. ”For what? For what? How dense are you for the message to not be coming across? Party members? Trust? Haha! ” He looked towards the four Hunters that had been clearing the dungeon with him these past weeks ”Do you see them? They have families here. They have friends here. This is their city, and they have nowhere else to go. Do you think anyone cares about this city? Do you think the big wigs care what happens to a trashy city around the perimeter of the Empire? ”

His words were becoming louder and more piercing as he kept on talking while walking towards Rachel. He continued with a cold tone ” Its me. I am the only one keeping this city afloat. I am the only one that gives a damn and stays here. I prevent the dungeon break of this dungeon that you can never clear without me. It is my strength. And because of this, I can do what I want. I can call them ” He pointed at his party members once more

”I can call them fools right now, and they will be back with me right in this same place in a few days giving their lives to clear this dungeon. You may have only been in this city for a week, but you should learn now than later about how things really work. You should know how to talk to people that stand above you. ” As he finished these words, he had reached Rachel, who still staring at him with a defiant expression

His anger was near his peak, allowing his skill {INHERENT-WRATHFUL} to provide him with even more strength. He moved at a quick speed, and a loud smack was heard, with Rachel smashing on the floor a second after.

A large hand mark laid across her face. She touched her cheek in a dazed expression as if this was the last thing she ever expected to happen. She looked at the four that were recuperating the side, and all of them turned their heads away

Anderson walked up to her, clasping her clear neck in his hands and asked. ”Do you realize it now? When I say I can do whatever I want? You cannot do anything to stop it ” He said as he lifted her up by her neck.

”They cannot do anything to stop it. ” He continued while pointing at his old party members. ”And he…certainly cannot do anything to stop it ” His hand moved once more as he pointed towards Noah

The person in question being pointed at had a surprised expression as he let out a soft sigh and said. ”Let the girl go dude. What the hell is wrong with you? ”

He had been watching the scene in front of him play out being ever so surprised as the events unfolded. He didnt care when Anderson supposedly had his accidental slip up that he easily brushed off by activating [Arcanists Sphere of Protection]. He didnt care when he was talked on upon. What he didnt like were the arrogant words coming from him, and worst of all the beating he had given someone who stood up to him

He was happy at the thought that the first party hunt he was in just finished successfully and he could use his experiences here to dive into this dungeon in the future. But this guy just had to go and ruin it. So he repeated himself again and said ”Let the girl go. ”

Another loud laughter was heard in the clearing as Anderson pushed the girl aside. And looked towards Noah. He looked him up and down and said ”This entire time Ive been trying to figure out exactly where the level of your power stands. I was not thinking correctly just keeping tabs on you and feeling you out little by little. I should have done what Im about to do now a long time ago. Do you have an inkling of what Im about to do right now? ”

Noah looked at the man that was gradually getting red color on his body back again and calmly replied ”No. I dont know. What exactly are you about to do? ”

Anderson had a cold smirk as he said, ”I am about to teach you the rankings of the city. I am about to let you know that I am on top and you are on the bottom. Im going to teach you what strength really is. Because apparently, watching me take down a ten meter tall giant was not intimidating enough. ”

As Noah listened to the enraged mad mans speech. He turned his head towards his team members. There were two fully grown men that were the Knights on the party and the two women that were the mages. He looked over to them and asked ”Are you guys going to do or say anything about this? ”

The four of them gave him a blank stare before they shook their heads in a depressing manner and turned their faces away.

Noah shook his head as he saw this and he looked back towards Anderson who was speaking with a fully furious expression.

”Haha. I have been talking too much. Words were never my forte. I always let my strength do the talking. After my strength was registered, everybody fell in line. Now, be prepared, because you…are about to fall in line. ” A hazy red smoke was coming off Andersons body as he finished, tightened his muscles, and sprung forth

I looked at the man that was flying towards me and sighed at the complete breakdown of everything. I then casted [Arcanists Sphere of Protection], [Aura of Haste], [Life Essence], [Increased Penetration], [Arctic Armor] and…[Whirlwind].

My body shone iridescent colors as multiple defense and support skills were activated. I looked at Anderson and I was surprisingly calm facing him. I didnt feel angry at him or hate him in any sort of way, I just…pitied him. Maybe this was what happened after facing the pressures of this new world and not coping well. I did not want to become someone like him in the future. My gaze seemed to have made the charging bull even more furious though, as his power seemed to increase further. But…none of it would be of any use against the current me. With a sad sigh, gales of wind surrounded my body as [Whirlwind] was fully activated and I made my move.

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