Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse

Chapter 20 - Movements

s are increased], [D-Fleeting: Slightly increases movement speed], [C-Gracefulness: An aura that grants you increased evasion descends], [C-Precision: Your accuracy is increased and your attacks rarely miss your target], and [Adamant: Your defense is increased as you passively heal from minor injuries]

These were the only skills that fit my new guidelines that were in the Awakened Center. The remaining skills actively required you to be using some sort of close combat or ranged weapon to activate like [Blade Light],[Shield Charge], or [Duplicate Arrows]. It made me think of whether I should also buy a weapon to add these skills to my arsenal too without it spreading my focus over too many things. I was content with the new addition of skills and thanked the salesman that gave his usual bright smile.

I had much fewer reservations about being seen or discovered so I activated the new skills I just learned on top of all the old ones that were still active while I left the Awakened Center. I felt the increased strength of my body as my path was confirmed to be heading in the right direction

I was itching to dive into the dungeon right away as I hailed a ride towards [Solaels Castle]

A man with a sharp face was finishing some paperwork when his assistant walked through his office doors with an even bigger stack of papers and folders. A grimace formed on the mans face as his rough voice came out. ”How is the production and recruiting of rank B hunters proceeding? ”

The assistant gave him a sweet smile as she replied ”Very well boss. We have new ones come in every day and we are able to produce at least 1 rank B hunter a day from the resources they bring back from the dungeon ”

The man nodded his head as he continued ”Good, the plan is going in the right direction, but it needs to be accelerated. Reach out for even more hunters across the cities and entice as many as you can. We want this dungeon to continue to be cleared every day with even more hunting squads ”

His assistant nodded her head as she put the folder in her hands on the table and then bowed with a smile ”Here are the preliminary names we have gathered today that are waiting for your approval. For the Blessed Empire ”

”For the Blessed Empire ” The man replied with an impassive expression. He looked at the folder in front of him as he thought about the movements they had been seeing, and how unprepared they were for what was coming. There was a huge threat looming over them, and people still moved about in complete ignorance

He was in charge of managing the rank B Dungeon in Star City and wanted to exceed the quota set by the Admirals for its production. He wanted hunters to be entering it day and night, bringing out as many [Item]s, [Skill]s, and [Core]s that they could

He planned to write an official letter to the higher-ups and some colleagues to suggest they increase the urgency of this matter and actively move the empires pieces for the days to come. The production of rank B hunters was coming along nicely but they would not be enough, the needed even more A rank hunters moving about in the empire

The face of Steel Mikhail passed through his mind as he considered all the new rising rank A hunters. He shook his head that was filled with worries as he looked at the figure of the assistant still waiting to be dismissed before him

He nodded at her and said while getting up and unbuttoning his shirt ”Close the door. Ive been cooped up in here for too long and need to release some stress ”

The assistant smiled sweetly once more as she followed the command.

At the bottom of the folder that she had laid down, a name was written among many. Noah Osmont was clearly apparent at the bottom of the many stacks of paper.

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