Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse

Chapter 21 - Adrenaline

phere anymore and hugged my body as if it was another layer of skin

The room was once again cleared in a few seconds my breathing increased and I rushed into the 3rd room. 10 statues were quickly obliterated by another cast of [Smite] and I moved close to the remaining 2 statues and cast [Flames of Torment].

The long pillar of flames had a darker color after reaching 100, its flames coagulated together tightly as if they were a thick viscous material. It was rotating the moment I cast it in its long linear form, causing hot suffocating winds to fly out. I threw the thick cable of flames forward and they literally melted the statues the moment they came in contact

I stopped for a second to catch my breath as I just cleared 3 rooms out the 20 in under 5 minutes. A childish smile wouldnt leave my face as I continued on forward to the fourth.

The next rooms were cleared in a similar fashion, starting out with [Smite] and following with either [Explosive Rune] or [Flames of Torment]. Starting from the 10th room, I just cast another [Smite] the moment the first 10 statues were shattered by the first cast, finishing them in record time

I was now standing in front of the huge door that led to the BOSS room and I tried collecting myself as I impatiently went in. The TITAN was as humongous as usual, frighteningly boasting its 10-meter size. The 10 guards standing by its side couldnt even respond as 10 golden swords smashed into them the moment I entered

The huge beast opened its blank eyes the moment the guards were destroyed and began coming towards me, its huge steps causing the ground tremble. I watched the BOSS menacingly come towards me as 10 swords of light appear, then another 10, and another 10 as [Smite] was repeatedly cast three times

I commanded the first 10 to shoot towards the BOSS in a tight-nit circular formation. They smashed onto his chest, stopping his advance and pushing him back. The next 10 flew up one after another to repeatedly strike the same area I was focusing on the TITANs head, blasting onto him and pushing him back even further. The last 10 flew in and surrounded the neck around a few meters away and rushed forward while it was still disoriented

Before it could even roar or do anything else, the 10 golden swords closed in on its neck from all directions


The TITAN wobbled for a few seconds before a pillar of thick flames wrapped around the nearly destroyed neck and squeezed in, melting everything it came in contact with. Another second passed before a loud crash was heard in the huge hall. The TITANs head now lay on the ground. Not even a minute had passed.

I watched this unbelievable scene in front of me as if it wasnt something that I had just done. The huge BOSS that needed an entire party to hunt had taken me less than a minute to take down

”AAAAH!!! ”

I let out an embarrassingly loud triumphant howl after accepting the scene in front of me and reveled in it once more. Around 20 minutes total had passed and the castle was completely cleared. A green crystal rose as a shining pile of loot appeared beside the boss

From then on, I kept on repeating [Solaels Castle] like a madman. 8 hours later, I had impossibly cleared the dungeon more than 24 times, my clearing averaging 3 times in one hour.

At the end, I held in my storage rings a ton of rank C [Core]s, 15 rank C skills, 1 rank B skill, and 5 new [Item]s

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