(First two chapters are a little weird as it is my first time ever writing something for fun and the only thing my language class taught me for all four years of High School and now Collage was to ”get good ”.)

”Life…sucks at the moment ” said a random soul that may or may not have just accidentally gotten himself stuck in the previous times of all reality.

This was a dark part of the multiverse that none have traveled to for quite some time, but coincidentally on the way to the afterlife the soul got bored and decided to take a detour.

”No s***! ” it says to itself in rage

”Not rage, disappointment ” it said as it corrected the disembodied voice.

The disembodied voice decided to make a very polite gesture to show its gratitude for being corrected by a mere mortal soul. ”Thats Nick to you Ya c***! ” It yells trying desperately to be something other than the garbage his soul was meant to be.

Nick: ”TRASH? Bro I just drove 500mph off the side of a cliff in a car that I STOLE from the PRESIDENT of the US of A into a rocket AFTER stealing half a billion in pure gold! AND IM TRA——-. Never mind yeah you right I probably just broke the economy…

oh well! ”

Voice: see you are garbage :3

Nick: Ok. Thats it! Im goanna beat you like my *** **** **!!!!

Voice: wait! Wait!! WAIT!!! LETS TALK!!!!! TRUCE!!!!!!!!!TRUCE!!!!!! AAAAHHHH HHHH HHHHHHGHHn G HHAa~ *death noise*

Nick: I have achieved VICTORY!

Voice: You do realize that I am God deciding whom my successor will be and you have just Kicked Me in THE D-*Wam*!

Nick: *DingDingDing* K and O!!

God: …

Nick: …

God: Will we sit and discuss this like men or spiders?

As a cold breeze passes through the pair, clarity is formed in some understanding of the aspect of culture. A round table is formed with the engravings of every species to ever exist past present and future. Two chairs, one wooden with legs resembling a god formed into the very depths of its creation, and the other an amalgamation of scrap metal with every kind of element working together in perfect harmony. As if it was by instinct the scrap metal chair is harnessed by the mortal who used the creation of man to fight against God just to prove his worth. This is all while God takes his seat on the grand throne that upon closer inspection has a back of an executioners table.

God: ”As you most likely have guessed you have just been iseka id just like so many before you. You on the other hand not only chose the self isekai option but also went out in a glorious fashion which I can appreciate. ”

Nick: ”Glad you liked it but honestly burning to death was a very unpleasant experience. ”

God: ”But you would do it again in a heartbeat? ”

Nick: ”Yeah from what I can remember I did some irredeemable things so if burning myself to rectify those mistakes was an option I would do it again in a heartbeat. ”

God: ”Who would have thought the greatest serial killer would himself to stop the apocalypse *chuckles* ”

Nick: ”The people I killed had it coming :). ”

God: ”True but the funny thing is that even before you saved everyone your karma was so good that you would have been reincarnated with a system. ”

Nick: ”How!? I don deserve that in the slightest! I mean if you will give it to me Ill take it don change that but why? ”

God: ”Have you even looked at your life? ”

Nick: ”Yeah, I lived it, whats so special? ”

God: … ”Do you not remember it? ”

Nick: … ”I guess not all of it, the only things I can recall are that I was a triple orphan and that my luck was so poor it was praiseworthy. ”

God: ”Since you can remember much, I will give you a rundown of your life events ”

The God waved his hand as crystal pearls appeared from behind him. Each one of the pearls shone showing inside of them the same person, Nick.

Nick: ”Glad to know I have a stalker ”

Nick went from pearl to pearl, orb to orb until he stopped in front of one particular orb. Inside it showed a train that looked increasingly strange. Upon closer inspection he could see that the train was clearly using blue glowing saucers to keep the train hovering above the ground.

Nick: How is this train floating?

God: ”Glad you asked, that is because it is using air runes that have the command to release enough air that it will keep the train stable by consuming mana. ”

Nick: ”First, woah, cool! Second, could you tell me before you read my mind without my permission! Last, I know my memory is hazy, but I can guarantee that I had no magic in my world! So how is it that I can clearly see myself getting on a floating train without freaking out? ”

God: ”I agree that it is cool, but I refuse to not read your mind ”

Nick: Bruh

God: ”Don bruh me! And for you last question that was one of your previous reincarnations. ”

Nick: ”If that was a previous reincarnation then… ”

God: ”Yes all 420,690,420,069 of these orbs are different reincarnations. ”

As Nick looked at all of his recantations, he began to sweat buckets of sweat. You see the thing that one must realize is that if you have gone through that many reincarnations your soul is at least 420,690,420,069 years old! And that is just the living portion not even including the ti

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