me spent out of reincarnation floating around the void! (Which was usually 1,000 times the time spent living)

Nick: ”And I remember NONE of this! ”

God: ”Correct and honestly it is kind of amazing for your soul to be this old, even my soul is younger than yours! ”

Nick: ”But if my soul is this old then there must be a catch, correct? ”

God: ”Bingo! You see, during your first recantation you made a deal with the first God to live out 420,690,420,069 reincarnations, all with which you lived in extreme misfortune. This is because the first God promised to make you the first and only void born to exist. ”

After the bomb shell of a reveal even Nick needed a little bit of time to process what kind of bull Shmit he just learned. Seriously! Imagine that when you die a God finds your wandering soul, tells you that your soul is almost as old as the beginning of reality, AND that you made a deal with a god to acquire 420,690,420,069 recantations of awful luck to compile it into becoming the first and only international void entity. Like WTF Dude!!!!!

Nick: Well, if I made the deal with the first God where is he? If Im not miss-remembering I just lived the last of my 420,690,420,069 lives, right?

God: That would be correct which is why you are not going through another life now. As for why he is not here it is a long story that we don have enough time for.

Nick: What do you mean not enough time we are in the void aren we?

God: *Sigh* like I said you are a void born now because of the contract and unfortunately the only one too. You can feel it because you are void, but for the normal folks like me your home slowly tears apart souls to feed you and the void. Because of this trait you and this dimension are never visited but constantly worshiped by those that can understand what you are.

God: The void constantly will act like a wormhole from a carbon planet to space. It will suck in anything and everything that it can until the inability collapses the portal. However, the collapse of the portal releases a massive number of majuscules (essence of magic) providing miracles such as revival of limbs, resurrection, and unlocking of ones magic sensitivity in a world without magic.

Nick: So, if people treat me like a god, which one am I?

God: Cthulhu

Nick: You mean the world ending entity that craves nothing more than death and destruction?

God: Sounds like you.

Nick: Oh?! How bad was I in my last life for you to say that?

God: *looks traumatized*

Nick: Back on track if you have your soul being constantly pulled apart just for being here then why are you here?

God: Sorry, like I said you became a void born but clearly can control shit so to fill up the Gods side of the bargen that forgot you existed I will give to the ability to create systems.

As the god says this, he throws a book at Nick which is completely black and darker than the void that surrounds them. Nick opens the book leading to words with negative light values to surround him.

As soon as the book was opened Nick appeared to pass out with an orb of negative light to surround him. The God seeing this smirked and took all of his divinity to surround Nick. The god in this moment was trying to capture Nicks soul and the divinity he was using to surround him was actually a divine enslaving magic forbidden to all existences. What he didn know was that Nick was not just Nick he was also Nick, Nick, and Nick for he had something cool called multiple personality disorder. When he tried using enslaving magic it was canceled out because it was only meant to enslave one mind.

Meanwhile in Nicks head

Nick 1: *passes out from trying to process the system info *


Nick 2: bro shut it he is probably fine.

Nick 3: PROBABLY I would like to remind you that we are in his head!!! He is Nick 1 for a reason dumba**.

Nick 2: True, True.

As Nick 2 walks to Nick 1 with the intent to slap him awake a hole appears in the mental space.

Chains fly down from above chasing after Nick 1. Both other Nicks notice but only Nick 2 has the reaction time to push Nick 1 out of the way getting taken himself.

Nick 3 looks at Nick 2 getting the message and taking Nick 1 to the side of the mental space. He quickly replaces the spot Nick 1 was in with himself as more chains come down and take him too.

Outside the mental space God or better known as Beelzebub laughs in his own self-praise. His plan after so long, so many billions of years, finally had someone (The only one) with the soul of void that he could take for himself. And all he had to do was exchange the weakest system in existence for it! What a smart plan he thought to himself in complete bliss.

Beelzebub: Im such a genius now I have the most powerful system with the most powerful soul in existence! MUAH HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I mean imagine if I accidentally switched out the weakest system with the strongest system! They are so similar that I will only be able to tell if I messed up after I activate the system HAHAHAHA!

Beelzebub:… Maybe I should check to see if I switched them…

Beelzebub: Nah.

” ” talking


(A/N: We all know where this is going)

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