We got a skill because of how basic she is.

While Nick and Wrench started dissing her mentally on how basic she was, the other three members started consoling her. At this point she was broken down in tears which Nick noticed, and then dissed her on because she couldn even play out her classs role of being an immovable wall that people could rely on.

Daar: ”How about I go next to get our minds in a more stable space. ”

Seeing that nobody disagreed she started talking about her backstory to the group, it was also at that moment Nick saw that the wrap put on her mouth was broken.

Wrench: Am I going to be the only one to point out that she could break us out of here right now?

Nick: Yes, now shut up because its story time!

Daar: ”I came from a tribe of dragonborn that all worshiped the ice dragon Vala who rested in the mountains to the north of our village. One day when Valas kin came to the village the Harmony of the Vanquished raided the settlement and started capturing our people. Their aim was for Valas kin but many of our tribes warriors protected the little one including me. We put up a valiant fight and eventually pushed back the raiders who retreated with the captured soldiers. I and a few others ran after them, but it was a trap and those with me were all captured. ”

Nick: ”That was very valiant of you! You should be proud of yourself for trying to rescue your tribesmen to the end. ”

Daar: ”I thank you, but I need no sympathy for what I have done. ”

Nick: ”Noted ”

Aial: ”Well if I am next I shall–Bla bla bla ”

Unfortunately for Aial, Wrench was so bored from the previous two backstories that he decided to save his energy for Flasks as this was one that he actually cared about. However, Nick at least wanted to know a little about him before they would start killing each other.

Nick: [Analysis]


Name: Aial

Alinement: Neutral Evil

Class: Blood hunter

-Level 3

Race: Aarakocra

HP: ???/???

Mana: ???/???

Stamina: ???/???

Str: ?

Dex: ?

Vit: ?

Wis: 3

Int: ?

Cha: 6

Skills: , Crimson rite LV ? , ??? LV ?, ??? LV ?>


[Remarks: Maybe you shouldn piss this guy off.]


Wrench: This dude has been lying through his teeth since he got here! How did they get their hands on this dude?

Nick: There is a genuine possibility that this dude is hired as an executioner of sorts for people that are about to earn their freedom from the gladiatorial pits.

Nick: [Analysis]


Name: Daar

Alinement: Neutral good

Class: Paladin

-Level 2

Race: Dragonborn

HP: ???/???

Mana: ???/???

Stamina: ???/???

Str: 6

Dex: 3

Vit: 4

Wis: 4

Int: 2

Cha: 5

Skills: , Breath attack LV 2 , Healing hands LV 1, Ceremony LV 1, Detect Magic LV 1, Thunderous Smite LV 2>


[Remarks: Not bad for a LV 2 that does not have cheats like you.]


Wrench: Not bad, but finally lets look at Flask. [Analysis]


Name: Flask

Alinement: Chaotic good

Class: Fighter

-Level 2

Race: Tabaxi

HP: ???/???

Mana: ???/???

Stamina: ???/???

Str: 6

Dex: 4

Vit: 6

Wis: 4

Int: 3

Cha: 2

Skills: , Defend LV 2 , Sprint LV 1, Quick attack LV 1>


[Remarks: Only knows common? Thats interesting.]


Nick: System for the future separate skills and magic abilities.

[Will do but the system would like to remind the hosts that it is not technically a system yet as you still have 3-4 days before that]

Wrench: 100% forgot about that fact

Flask: ”That was very interesting. Aial you are a very courageous person. ”

Nick: Good to know that we didn miss anything important/honest.

Aial: ”You flatter me, but what about you. ”

Flask: ”Well my story starts when—*BUMP* ”

As Flask was about to start with his introduction the guard opened the wooden window letting a flash of light inside.

Guard: ”We are here ”

As the cover on the cart is taken off by guards Nick and Wrench finally get to see the outside for the first time in 1 and a half days.

Nick: Now THIS is the start of an adventure!

(A/N Honestly meant for this chapter to go longer but it is 2:30 AM and I am tired so this is what will be published)

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