All of this and he just started looking at the armour which was just as bad as the weapons, nope nevermind they were worse.


Name: Leather armour

Tier: 1

Level: 1

Quality: common

Durability 23/110 (Tier 1: 100, Level 1: 10)


Block damage

Block 10 damage (Level 1: Block 20 damage per hit, flimsy:/2)


Flimsy (Divide the final damage by 2)


Wrench: Armour?! This is NOT armour! I have a strong feeling that this will just break as soon as I put it on, not to mention this will only block 10 damage. If I used my gun and shot someone with this armour this would do NOTHING!

Guard: ”They are expecting you, I can only give you 5 more minutes at the maximum. ”

Nick was still trying to study the magic which left Wrench even more panicked as if they had no magic they might just say goodbye to the world then and there! What truly gave Wrench existential dread was the question, if this world is considered easy WTF are the otherworlds like? Eventually he decided that he would just suck it up and keep searching, putting on the most powerful equipment that he could find.

After the 5 minutes had passed the guard said that it was time and Wrench went to collect the gear that he would be using. At this point Nick had mastered magic control up to 89% percent and Wrench could feel the effects. Whenever Nick moved the mana through his body it felt like a second pair of veins were in his body, except these veins could kill people.


Name: Leather armour

Tier: 1

Level: 5

Quality: common

Durability 98/150 (Tier 1: 100, Level 5: 50)


Block damage

Block 75 damage (Level 5: Block 100 damage per hit, Slightly flimsy: – ¼)


Slightly Flimsy (subtract the final damage by ¼)



Name: Iron axe

Tier: 1

Level: 4

Quality: common

Durability 87/140 (Tier 1: 100, Level 4: 40)


Deal damage

Deal damage 60 (Strength 4: deals 40 damage, Level 4: deals 10 damage per level, Slightly Blunt: subtract ¼ of the total)


Slightly Blunt (Divide the final damage by ¼)

Hack: 150 stamina (Have a 60% chance for your next attack to cut a limb off the opponent, if you fail to cut off a limb do critical damage)


Was it good? No. Would it have to work? Yes.

Guard: ”You have used all of your time prossed to the wooden door that will lead you outside. ”

After Wrench put on the leather armour and gave the axe a few test swings he confirmed with the guard that he was ready. After this confirmation the guard went up to the door leading outside, and then went to the wall right next to it. The wall had a nob which the guard pulled toward him. This allowed him to put in a piece of paper, presumably with a note on it. After a minute of waiting all three deadbolts lifted themselves into an unlocked position. This time however, Nick and Wrench could see the strands of magic that were used to lift it up and push it out of the way.

Once the door opened Wrench stepped through the metal gate and got blasted with sunlight, and the sound of cheering by thousands upon thousands of people. Feeling energised he walked out with axe in hand ready to quite possibly dismember his opponent through glorious combat! However that is when he realised that they were cheering for the absolute, BEHEMOTH of a man walking out with full FUCKIN PLATE ARMOUR, looking just like a god dayum lawbringer from for honor!


Wrench: ”Ok I know that I scared the captain but this as my first fight is excessive, over the top, just absurd! This is a one sided massacre and I am about to be a burger patty on the floor! ”

Announcer: *Using a magic megaphone* ”On my left we have, THE ONE, THE ONLY, GIANT! And on the right we have one of our newest contestants NICK! But before the two of you start killing each other we have a special announcement from our very own MAGISTRATE!

Wrench: Adds, no matter where you are you can escape them. Also on a completely unrelated side note do you ever play a sport, the crowd is going nuts, and as soon as they call your name there is an AUDIBLE change in the level of cheering? No. Just me then?

Nick: Yes, just you. Also this might be a good thing as I might have the time needed to finish studying magic control.

Magistrate: ”Thank you, It is a pleasure to be here today! Truth be told it is my daughters birthday and she wanted to see a match between two powerful gladiators. ”


As the Magistrates daughter walks out on stage the crowd goes wild and even the Giant looks awestruck at how beautiful she is.

Nick: Why does everyone need to be unconditionally pretty if they are important in some way shape or form?

Wrench: No idea, but why does she have a majestic aura around her that is made out of magic?

[Will Power 100% resisted low level charm]

Wrench: ”Well thats just BS ”

After staring at his daughter for a little longer than a father should he continues with his speech to the audience.

Magistrate: ”I hope that both gladiators provide an entertaining match for my daughter and, of course, everyone else too! ”

Giant: ”We will display the most glorious combat you have ever set your eyes on! ”

Wrench: ”yeah -_-… Now lets kill each other! ”

The deadpan response to the simple question proves to be too much for Giant and he looks like he just watched his mother get raped infront of him. Not just him but the Magistrate and the announcer both look like they want to kill him, the rest of the crowd just keeps cheering and seem to forget the exchange.

Announcer: ”READY? 3…2…1…Giant kick his ass!

After the very weird way to start a match the Giant sprints toward Wrench at a pace faster than what a juggernaut should be able to move at.

[Giant is enraged! Displaying stats]


Name: Giant

Alinement: Neutral

Class: Barbarian

-Level 3

Race: Human

HP: 1000/1000

Mana: None

Stamina: 500/500

Str: 9(11)

Dex: 4(5)

Vit: 8(10)

Wis: 1(0)

Int: 2(0)

Cha: 0(-10)

Skills: , Heavy hit LV 2, Dual handed weapon mastery>


[Remarks: RUN! RUN!]


Wrench: ”OH SHIT! ”

Rolling out of the path of the raging barbarian he gets up and clutches his axe in his right hand with the fury of 1,000 suns.

[-1 durability]

Maybe not that hard but it was close. After Wrench rolled out of the way the Giant stopped himself and turned back to Wrench now taking out the great sword from its sheath. Resuming his run he charges at Wrench who this time runs at him, the dumb Giant laughs and brings his great sword down on Wrench. Wrench sees this and dashes to the right before slashing his axe at the gap between his gauntlets and bracers.

[Hack: Dismemberment success!]

[Damage dealt: 240, damage dealt 60, critical x2, dismemberment x3]

Nick feels a large amount of energy leave his body as he uses his Hacking ability.

[Stamina 238/400]

As he feels the axe slice through the Giants wrist he lets out a wide smile and laughs while punching the lawbringer in the stomach. [Blood Lust] After the boost to his stats from the blood lust skill he overcomes the 6 strength needed to push back the lawbringer. After Wrench punches the lawbringer he is sent flying a little before he lands on his two feet and begins swinging at Wrench. Wrench, seeing a good opportunity, ignores the swinging and just runs into the flurry of sword swings.

Seeing the great sword come at him from above he just laughs and puts his arm above his head to block it. *Shink* The sword slides deep into his arm but due to his cold blooded skills he just ignores it and jumps to his head.

[Giant delt you damage 360! 240/600HP]

[Left arm immobilised!]

As he reaches the giants neck he brings back the axe and brings it forward cutting at the gap in his head armour. The axe slides in the gaps making the blade comfortably lodge itself inside the Giants neck.

Wrench: ”HACK! ”

[Stamina VERY LOW 88/680]

[Learned mana manipulation]

[Dealt damage:648 Damage 81, Critical x2, partial dismemberment x2, vital body part x2]

As Wrench let go of the blade he collapsed from the amount of stamina that he had left.

Giant: ”ha..haa.hahha.HAHAHAHAH! I am immortal! I AM THE GIANT! ”

As the Giant laughed, so did Wrench as he took the torch orb out of his pocket and started injecting it with mana.

Giant: ”What? ”

Wrench just kept laughing, the ball lit up, then it went brighter, then brighter, bigger, brighter, bigger, brighter. This went until Wrenchs already barely attached hand was now just held together by a few pieces of muscle. As Wrench looked up and stared into the Giants eyes he just kept laughing sending final fear into the Giant. The Giant, fearing for its life for the first and final time, started running as fast as it could away from Wrench.

Wrench: ”Now I say to you! FOR MAKESHIFT FIREBALLLLLLLLL!!!! ”


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