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Lore swung his sword, an ear-splitting clang resounded as his blade met that of his best friend Psi. ”You
e telegraphing your swings to much Lore. Each swing should be fluid and smooth. ” Psi said this as he sheathed his sword and grabbed a cloth to wipe his brow.

”Im trying my best. We can all be naturally gifted with the blade. ” Lore stuck his blade in the ground and he too grabbed a cloth to dry off.

Lore, a twenty-five year old knight in training, and his best friend Psi train with each other every day working towards there goal to become high level knights.

These two young warriors weren even squires yet but they had the wonderful goal to become prestigious Knight Kings.

in the Kingdom of Internia Knight ranks are broken down as follows: Fledgling, Squire, Apprentice, Paladin, Knight Lord, Knight Genrral, and Knight King. Most Internia citizens who serve the Royal family reach apprentice, or paladin. When ones skills are shown to be exceptional, and they demonstrate their dedication to their country then maybe they can become a Knight Lord or higher.

Lore had yet to become a fledgling. Psi on the other hand was a squire. Psis family wasn very prestigious however his great-grandfather reached the rank of Knight General, and so his family had many resources to use on Psi.

On the contrary, Lore and his family were some of the poorest citizens. When he was little his father left for war and died an honorable death. Lores father was merely a foot soldier and gained little renown for himself. His family may not have suffered, but they surel

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