Peaceful Times

A summer breeze ruffled Lores hair, and the fields whispered as he walked by.

Chirp! Chirp!

A large flock of birds flew out from the treeline. Lore peered up at the flock and then turned his attention towards the forest. After about ten minutes Lore turned back and started walking down the dirt road.

Lore was headed to the city of Windora. Windora wasn as large as the Capitol, but it was vastly larger than Loginas. There was a fair distance between Loginas and Windora, but Lore decided hed take the time to walk. His journey took him two weeks which left him four days before the exam.

An ocean of people lay before Lore, and he slowly pushed his way through.

Clang! Clang!

Lore could smell fresh cooked food, and hear hammers striking iron.

Lore approached a stall selling fruit, and he bought himself an apple. He took a big bite and juice rolled down his chin.

Lore wasn the most handsome of men, but he wasn ugly either. He stood at an average six feet tall with broad shoulders.. He had black hair, soft green eyes, a normal set nose, and one unique feature was that Lore was born with, a sharp bend on the top of one ear. His parents say its sort of like his ear was folded over in his mothers belly.

Lore wore standard Internia clothes, and chainmail underneath. He definitely could not afford plate armor.

Strolling down main street, enjoying his fresh apple, Lore decided to acquaint himself more with the city. He noticed a sign directing towards the adventurers guild, and slowly made his way in that direction.

Lore stood in front of a large cobble and wood building. The windows gleamed in the sun, and a shiny sign read ”Adventurers Guild ”. He pushed open the sturdy wood door and immediately sounds of chatter and music could be heard. Tables with five or six people at each one were sprinkled here and there and a musician sat in the corner playing their lute. Lore approached the front desk, and a beautiful young elf turned around to face him. ”How may I help you sir? Your face looks unfamiliar is this your first time in the city? ” the young clerk asked with a bright smile. ”Yes, my name is Lore, and I was hoping to register as an adventurer. ” Lore said with a faint smile. ”I came to the city for the Knights exam, but joining the guild didn seem like a bad idea either. ” Lore shrugged a bit and then looked back at the clerk.

The clerk pulled out a tablet, and a pen handing both to Lore. She said ”Fill this out, and then well conduct some assessments on your fitness and magic cabikity. ” Lore grabbed the tablet and pen and proceeded to fill out the forms. Once he was finished he followed the clerk to the exam rooms. There was a fist sized crystal ball on a table, and a large stone against the wall with many scars against the surface. ”First well see how physically adept you are. You may proceed to attack this stone as you see fit with any physical attacks. ” the clerk said witn a blink and blank stare. Lore approached the stone deciding to remain simple and strike the stone with his fist. He didn think the stone would react much, so he pulled his fist back, trusting his hips and throwing a firm punch. Lore thought that the stone had to be ridiculously strong so he through a punch at ninety percent to gauge the stones strength. When his fist collided with the black stone a chunk caved under the pressure, and both Lore and the clerk looked shocked. ”Umh that stone must not be very strong right…? Lore asked quietly. ”Its one of the hardest stones found locally… h-how did you do that?! ” The clerk had seen many strong adventurers but none who had just joined the guild. ”I only through a simple punch. In all honesty, my sword skills are lacking so I have focused on my brute strength for an advantage ”. ”I-I see.. well next well test the depth of your mana. Please place your hand on the orb and feed it your magic ”. The clerk still looked shocked while saying this.

Lore placed his hand on the ball, and closed his eyes. Imagining the flow of magic energy flowing from him to the orb. Lights swirled in the ball, the clerk stared intently waiting for the image to appear. In Internia the animal that appears in the crystal orbs determines your future magic proficiency.

An image slowly began to appear.

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