Exam Day

Lores hand remained on the crystal orbs, feeding his energy into it. Bright colors swirled in a tornado like spiral, a wine red color began to dominate the orb as the figure of a wine red Dragon formed.

Many creatures exist in this world, some unknown to the inhabitants of Internia. The more powerful the creature the more powerful your latent magic is. You will typically have an easier time with spells attuned with that creature. For instance Lore will have an easier time learning greater, and master level fire spells. Hell also be proficient with reinforcement magic. If dragons could only be described eitn one word itd be ough.


Back in Loginas Psi Is patrolling the town. He became a Knight in his fathers footsteps and recently advanced from Fledgling to Squire. He strolled the perimeter diligently, armor clanking with each step. Foot soldiers were posted at each entrance. One guard waved and smiled at Psi saying ”Sir, how was the patrol? ”. ”Typical, quiet and boring, and so I plan on heading back to the barracks ”. Psi said with a sigh. He wanted more than anything to see some real action. When Lore was around he was at least entertained but Lore had started his own journey. Psi reached the barracks where he removed his guard uniform. He decided to head home and hang up the uniform for now. Psi was currently training under his father Victor. Victor was a Knight General and helped as one of the ruling members of Loginas. Victor was rather happy he got to keep his son from any danger. The country was in relative peace and so Victor had no reason to send Psi to battle on the Frontline. Fledglings had very little responsibilities, but Squires could be tasked witn command over small battalion or platoon.

Psi wanted more than anything to go on an adventure, fight monsters, and have his name spread far and wide. He was so frustrated being stuck in such a small town his whole life.

Psi thought about Lore, they met around six year old and hsve been inseparable, but Psi didn worry about Lore because he knew how strong he really was. He knew Lore would pass the test and start his path to Knighthood. One out of every hundred people get selected each year. Those who do get selected get waddle down even further with brutal training, and after a long grueling year are they considered a Fledgling. Theyd then serve another one year under a Knight Lord or higher. Squires had more freedom but they still served under their lord, and Palafins were free to roam the country as they recruited for the Royal family. Knight Lords and higher answer directly to the Royal family, but essentially can come and go as they please on adventures. They were the champions of Internia, so when the King called they answered.

Viktor was an older man, in his late sixties, or maybe early seventies hes pretty mysterious about his age. He no longer travels or seeks glory so he helps run the town, and helping his son grow and shine as a Knight. Psi loved his father dearly, bur truly wanted to hsve more freedom. He felt his father was trapping him in Loginas keeping him from his true potential.


Back in Windora we see Lore handed a small silver plate beautifully adorned with lavish symbols. Lore attached it to a string and hung it from his neck.

The clerk addressed him saying ”Now, you
e a silver rank, you skipped stone and copper, but from here on your rank is determined solely on your actions and merits ”. Lore nodded and turned to leave. He had spent most of the day walking around and then registering at the guild. ”I think Im ready for a hot meal and a sound rest ” Lore thought as he departed for his Inn.

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