Exam Day

dy broken eyes with freckles speckled on his cheeks. He had a square jaw that made him feel more defined, and he definitely held himself with confidence. Kris responded ”Im also from more of a boonies town; Im from Della ”. Lore had heard of Della before, it was a trade town on the eastern coast that survived on its steady trade routes. ”Ive heard of it friend. Thats far! I assume this is your first try? ” he said with a wide smile he was happy to make a friend here in town. ”Yup, made the trip a month ago ” Kris said grabbing his sword ”Wanna spar bud? ”Lore shrugged and drew his sword. It was well understood never to majorly harm or injure sn opponent.

Lore drew his longsword and readied it before his chest. Kris reciprocated the action, and lead with a big over head strike. Lore raises his sword above his head, a sharp crack rang through the air. Metal grinding on metal could be heard as Lore and Kris are face to face. Lore take a broad swing from the left as Kris dodges back. Kris swings diagonally from the right, creating a huge arcing sweep. Lore went to parry the blow, and counter attack with a strike with his pommel. His fist struck Kris shoulder, but Kris grabs Lores wrist leaning back for a headbutt. Kris grip was held firm on Lores wrist, he swung his face down and met his forehead with Lores to prevent any real injury. Lore dropped his sword and bear hugged Kris, he lifted him in the air slamming him to the ground in a control manner.

A few people had gathered around to watch the match, and while this was all happening a side door opened, and an armored man walked through. He watched the two men sparring for a bit amongst the crowd, and then cleared his throat sharply. ”Im sure we
e all having fun here, but if you don mind I have a test to run. ” the man said in a gruff low voice. Everyone spun around in shock and then shot to attention. Lore and Kris we
e stopped dead in their tracks staring dumbfounded at the man.

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