Exam Day Pt. 3

”Lets get started will we? If you two have enough of massaging each other we have an exam to conduct. ” the man said gruffly. He had a very hoarse voice that kind of grated the ears. Everyone stood up to attention and stared at the the Examiner.

”Hello, my name is Cajun, and welcome to the Windora testing center. We will have three separate tests. First is a written exam to test your knowledge of our history, and core beliefs of our Kingdom. Second is our combat exam; each member will engage with a examiner and be graded on performance. Thirdly well gauge your magic strength and capacity in our final test. ” Cajun said all this as door big doors swung open to a big training hall. There was no ceiling so the sky bore down on them, the sun high. It was moderately warm, so a slight sheen could be seen forming on the participants skin.

Benches lay along the edges of the room, and on a table sat papers, and tablets to write on. Cajun looked at everyone and spoke ”These are your written exams. Take one and find an open spot on a bench. If you
e seen trying to copy you
e automatically disqualified. ” Lore grabbed a form and found a bench to sit on. Taking the pen in his hand he started his test.


”Question 17: In Imperial Year ten, What level catastrophe did the Kingdom face? ” Lore was thinking about this question when he heard ”There are 10 minutes left ” Cajun said shortly, watching the participants keenly. ^Sh*t, what was that catastrophe?! Wasn that one of the four Dragon Kings Ghrian? Wouldn that make it a Demon-Lord class catastrophe? ” Lore thought and marked his paper hastily, and proceeded to finish up his exam.

”Times up, if you haven finished thats fine, but put your pencils down further writing will result in disqualification ” Cajun spoke concisely.

Ten more examiners approached from a side hall. ”We have quite a few of you this year, at least two hundred and it looks like we
e a bit understaffed it might work better if each examiner watch participants spar in groups of two, with twenty participants pet examiner ” Cajun said as he walked to the side of the hall. Participants chose their own partner. Lore and Kris sought each other out. They both felt confident in versing each other.

Circles were drawn on the floor that had a diameter of roughly six feet. ”Your movements may be restricted in a fight. in this scenario you are limited to the space within the circle. ” Cajun said flatly. Lore and Kris stood apart from each other waiting for the signal o begin.

”Begin! ”

Thunderous clanging erupted as swords flew. Lore swung his blade in an upward arc, the tip of his blade barely missing. Kris took a step back and shook his head, focusing himself. Lore thrusted his blade forward only to be met with a parry. A flurry of strikes then proceeded. Sparks flew between the two swords. Both combatants were skilled but their engagement only lasted about 5 minutes. Lore kicked and pushed his leg forward sending Kris tumbling out of the circle. Breathing heavily, Lore sheathed his sword and extended an arm for Kris; helping him to his feet. ”Well fought, friend ” Lore said with a goofy smile. As the matches wrapped up Cajun began preparing for the next part of the exam. ”For our next bit, which will be the slowest, each of you will demonstrate a spell of your choice, at eighty percent output. Understood? ” Cajun said with a huff.

The exam proceeded alphabetically, and after a fair bit Lore finally heard his name get called. He jogged up to the platform and readied himself. He didn want to use a flashy spell, but he still wanted to impress the examiner. ”When ready, you may proceed ” the examiner said staring at a sheet of paper.

They were at a long target range so participants were free to use whatever spell as long as it didn harm others. Down range sat a straw target on a wooden post.

Lore stared down range at the target and decided hed do a simple fire spell. Fire Explosion had a lot of versatility; being used for traps or offensive spells. Lore held out his right and and pointed it toward the dummy. A wine red flame appeared in Lores hand.

”Dissapear. ”

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