Hunting Goblins

”Disappear ”

As Lore uttered that singular word a jet of fire erupted from the target dummy. A couple seconds later, and the dummy was completely cinders. The examiners mouth sat agape she was utterly speechless. ”Uhh.. ah…umh ”. The examiner jotted some notes down and signaled for Lore to move on. Lore received a few dazed glances, and then took his seat. Leaning against the wall, Lore sighed.


An hour later the exam wrapped up. Cajun stood in front of the participants, glancing at each one of them. ”Your results will be posted in an hour. Go rest and eat. Move! ” Cajun loved giving newbies a hard time. Lore headed to the bathroom, where he washed his face with some water.

Lore exited the bathroom and then headed toward the main hall where the passing participants will be listed.

All the participants gathered in the main hall, making a half circle around the result board.

Lore saw Kris and approached, and tapped him on the shoulder ”How
e you feeling friend? Sorry, but i had to win that match. You understand, right? ”. Kris turned around and smiled wide ” Of course, I wouldve done the same friend. That was one hell of a kick ”.

Lore and Kris chatted for a while. Everyone stood around, waiting nervously for their results.

Cajun made his way out of an office set to the side. He walked up to the board with a medium sized sheet of paper, and pinned it to the wall. Cajun turned and spoke to the crowd ”I want to say congrats to all the new members of the Knight Corps. Everyone who didn pass may try again next year ”. Cajun stepped to the side and allowed everyone to view the board. Lores eyes scanned the paper and he saw his name toward the bottom of the list.

His eyes lit up ”Yes! I made it! ” Lore clenched his fist and punched it to the sky. Cajun interrupted the mumbling of everyone there ” For those who passed, I will give you your assignments in two days. Rest up and enjoy your life as free men and women cause you
e all fledglings now ”.


Back at Lores Inn, we see him sitting at the bar enjoying some ale and hot stew.

He wasn too sure who he was chatting with, but it didn matter. He was living it up right now and everyone in the Inn, in his eyes, were a good friend.

Lore spent most of the night celebrating. He drank ale until the world blurred around him, each step he took was like swaying on a ship. ”Barkeep anover drink pleaseeee^ Lores words were starting to slur as he approached the bar. ”Youve had enough mate, plus we
e shutting down for the night any minute. Go to your room and sleep this off, your heads gunna be on fire tomorrow ” The barkeep said while polishing one of his glasses.

Lore stumbled his way towards his room, pushed his door open and fell face first onto his bed. Snoring could be almost immediately heard.

The next morning Lore woke with a killer headache ”Ughh why did I do this to myself? ”. He got up and moved to the bathroom and washed his face. The cool water was a refreshing shock to his body.

He got himself dressed, and made his way downstairs. ”One ale please, my head is killing me. Also an order of eggs. ” Lore grumbled as he sat down.

A few moments later a plateful of eggs landed in front of him, and a mug of ale was set down next to the plate. Lore took a few sips of ale and sighed as his headache immediately diminished. Lore proceeded to scarf down his eggs like it was his first meal in days. Tomorrow Lore would receive his orders, and there was no telling where hed end up, so today he was going to relax. He planned to hit the bathhouse and soak in the steaming hot water hoping to melt his stress away.

Before Lore had a chance to stand up, the Inn door swung open, and in came Kris. Kris saw Lore and walked over. ”Lpre, do you wanna go hunt in the forest? Nothing too difficult, I wanted to hunt some goblins. ” Kris said as he sat next to Lore. ”Hmm, sure why not. I could always work on my archery or my spells. ” Lore shrugged and finished up his meal. ”Alright, we both get our assignment tomorrow, so itll be quick I promise. ” Kris said as he stood up from his chair. ”Ill be out front ”.

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