Finishing the Hunt

Lore and Kris made their way deeper into the forest. Goblins are often seen roaming the Windora Forest ub packs of four or five. Goblins were easy to spot too, they had green-gray skin like leather, beady soulless eyes, and gnarly teeth. They used primitive clubs and occasional stone wrapon.

Lore carried a shield on his back, and he wasn known for using it anyway, and a longsword on his hip. Kris brandished the same, but he had both shield and sword in hand.

”Hey, you
e too on edge. This is supposed to be a fun hunt. ” Lore said in a lackadaisical tone. Kris peered over at him and frowned sternly. Danger can lie around any corner, and our prey travels in packs. Should we not be worried? ” Kris was fierce in his statement. Lore laughed and said ”We just passed the Knights Exam. If we weren semi strong, we wouldn have passed. Goblins are nothing to us ”.

There was a clearing about half a kilometer away from Lore and Kris, and a large group of ten goblins grouped together.

Lpre grabbed Kris shoulder and said ”Look a big pack over there. There enough for both of us to have our fill ”. Lore drew his longsword and started dashing over toward the goblins. Though he was running fairly quickly, and looked large and clumsy, he ran nimbly, and approached the goblins relatively silently. Lore was quite pleased he did have bulky and loud plate armor. Lore cast a minor reinforcement spell on he and Kris that provided some physical resistance but not a ton. This spell was named Iron Defense, znd had mi-tier and high-tier variants known as Gold and Platinum Defense.

Lore swung his longsword in a horizontal sweeping arc and immediately decapitated a goblin. He then cast Fire Explosion and incarnated another and then realized it completely ruined the flesh pf the goblin. He then cast Magic Arrow and fired and ethereal arrow through a goblins eye. He sprinted forward and swung his sword upward and then then horizontally cutting another goblin into pieces.

Kris at this point is just engaging with a goblin and managed to kill one. He wasn struggling but he was more dazed by how Lore was handling himself. He wasn guite sure if this man had just joined the Knights.

Lores sword rang as each swing either decapitated or dismembered a goblin. Blpod spurt and sprayed everywhere. a thick coat of blood enveloped Lores sword. Horizontal, vertical, and diagonal slashes came raining down from Lores sword. Magic Arrows thrown willy nilly.

Before Kris even knew it, the whole crowd of goblins had been dealt with. Kris managed two kills but in just a few moments Lore had killed eight, and with out even hitting an eye.

”Kris, do you want to keep hunting? Theres plenty of sun left in the sky ” Lore said enthusiastically. Lore swung his sword removing the excess blood from it, and sheathed it on his hip.

”Sure, lets collect out loot and move on from here. Im sure we can find more groups of goblins ” Kris spoke as he sheathed his sword and drew a dagger to cut the ears and fingers off of the goblins.

Lore and Kris could be seen traversing through the forest again.

A couple of hours have passed, Lore and Kris hadn seen hide nor hair of any more goblins.

Both men were distracted while walking through Windora Forest. From their left they hear a large stomping sound, and they both looked to see a large tree being tossed their way. They both jumped to either side of the tree. They looked up, and a good distance from them were three large Ogres. The center Ogre roared and the two side Ogres charged at Lore and Kris.

”Lore, we should run this is way out of our league! ” Kris shouted as he turned to look at Lore, and was shocked to see that Lore was sprinting toward the Ogres with a huge grin kn his face.

Lore cast Magic Arrow: Multi-shot and fired three arrows at one of the the Ogres. One arrow pierced one of the Ogres yellow eyes.

Ogres stood at two and a half meters tall, short stout legs, long bulky arms, a head with no real neck, and thick tough skin. Normal people would need a large group to take down a single Ogre, but here was Lore charging three.


One Ogre fell to its knees, stunned but not dead. The second Ogre continued charging at Lore. Lore jumped in the air and brought his sword down on the Ogre.

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