Finishing the Hunt

nd Lore flying.

Lore stayed nimble enough, bobbing and wearing through each attack. Lore could tell he wasn really getting anywhere. He looked at his sword and noticed it was starting to glow with heat again. ”If I can stab this through its heart then I can end this with that one strike ” Lore thought over his best strategies while still kiting the Ogre. The Ogre brought both hands up to smash them down on Lore. As the Ogres hands collided with the ground a large boom was heard.

Lore jumped back to dodge the blow, and propelled himself forward. The tip of his sword began to slowly slide through the Ogres flesh. Soon half the blade was pierced through the Ogres chest. It slumped backwards as Lore kicked it off of his sword. He flicked his sword and removed any blood covering the blade. Lore was practically gasping for air as he sheathed his sword. He turned to look at Kris and said ”Buddy, why didn you help at all? Now you get none of the spoils ”.

Lore dismembered the Ogres only taking the most valuable materials to sell.

Lore and Kris could be seen heading back to the city; Lore had a giant bag of loot over his shoulder. As they walked into the city they received glances from citizens, and they could hear murmuring as they walk down the street. They walked up to the general goods store and sold what they could there, and proceeded to head to the Adventurers Guild where they sold off the remainder of their loot. Lore actually received a handsome reward for slaying the Ogres. They had been tormenting travellers for several months and no one had the strength, or they didn want to deal with it. Lore earned himself 50 silver pieces that day, and he was feeling good about it.

Later that night, Lore and Kris could be seen inside a tavern drinking and laughing.

”Lore, that was pretty awesome what you did out in the forest. Im not sure anyone would believe a fledgling Knight took out rhree Ogres singlehandedly ” Ktis said this as he wrapped his arm around Lores shoulder and shook him a little. ”I hope we have similar assignments Lore. You and I will become great Knights! Cheers! ” Kris said exuberantly.

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