Assignment Day

t his assignment in Loginas.


A day has come and gone and now its time for Lore to begin his journey to Adobis the desert city. The Knights provided him witn a carriage, so it wasn going to take as long to reach his destination as he thought. He sat in the back of the carriage watching trees pass him by. The horse hoofbeats, and the carriages wheels drowned out any real sound around them. It lulled Lore into sleep, and when he opened his eyes again he was entering the desert.

Red sand lay every where, red stone protuded from the ground. A cobbled road ran through the desert however it was fairly hidden under sand. As they continued through the desert, Lore could see on the horizon silhouettes of ruined structures. He strained his eyes to get a better glimpse at the ruins but he couldn make out a single detail. Lore went open the window separating the carriage driver and Lore. ”Hey man, what are those ruins in the distance? Do you know how it ended up that way? ” Lore asked inquisitively. The driver thought for a few minutes, hesitating to answer. ”Its not something the Kingdom likes to talk about lad. Along time ago catastrophe befell this desert, and those are the just some of the remnants. ”. The driver answered Lores question eerily. ”I mean, do you have any details at all? How long ago was this, and what did this? ” Lore aaked just having more questions now. The driver opened his mouth to answer, but huge gusts of wind came from nowhere, hurling huge waves of sand everywhere. ”Clpse the window lad. Ill get you to Adobis. ” The driver said as he pulled some goggles over his eyes. He snapped the reigns of the horses and spurred them into a gallop; the sand storm raged around them obscuring the vision of the driver. The wind and sand batter against the side of the carriage, shaking it vigorously. After about an hour the wind died down and the sand settled. As all the sand settled Lore opened his side carriage door and leaned out looking around. Ahead of them stood a city of red clay buildings. Cacti we
e sprinkled around the town. Lore sat back in the carriage waiting for his arrival

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