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The Beginning of the World\'s Funeral

Once upon a time, there was a planet named Gaia. A planet that was inhibited by countless of dumb and foolish creatures.

Amongst those nature-destroyer rapscallions, was a peaceful race of forest protectors known as Elves. Long ears, ever youthful appearance. Unlike many others, they seemed to be always in the state of bliss.

”The world is in turmoil, it gives many depression and anxiety to us, ” said the dryad. ”Why does your kin seem to be unbothered by it? What is the secret? ”

Then the wise Elves replied.

”We don give a feces. ”

Thanks to that statement, the Elves were deemed as the most reliable friend of nature. Thanks to their profound wisdom, the other fae folks began to adapt the Elves mindset, strengthening the overall mental prowess of the forest spirits and its gentle critters.

They were welcomed in any kind of forestry, whether it was the land with towering mushrooms that shades the ground, or the swamp soils that were rich in nutrients.

Not long after, another kin began to reach for the so-called wise ally of nature.

”Yo! Me heard that yer kin had always been in bad blood with them hooman because them burn and trample forest, ” stated the orc, without any confirmation of their assumption whatsoever. ”Why don ye join us to blaze and raid those puny hoomans! ”

The benevolent Elves said.

”We don give a feces. ”

The orc with their small understanding of profound wisdom didn really get what the Elves were saying, so they avoided any kind of encounter with them in the hope of not trying to fry their brain.

It didn really create any malice between those two kin, yet the major difference in knowledge palate had made them grow apart from any kind of long term relationship.

One by one the other race began to reach for the infamous forest kin.

”We don give a feces. ”

Some were hoping for beneficial diplomacy.

”We don give a feces. ”

Some were hoping to acquire a beneficial connection.

”We don give a feces. ”

Yet all of them went back to their home, stigmatized by the feeling of rejection as they clasped and tore apart the map of the forest with their bare hands.

The Elves didn even mean a single harm, yet the other races marked them as prideful and overbearing. It did make them feel uneasy with how many hostile enemies that appeared after one another, but the Elves kept on holding to that single mindset that they cultivated.

”We don give a feces. ”

One day, the forest was burned. Soil was churned, and the open glades of flowers and berries were set asunder by the flaming catapult.

In front of thousands of humans, armed from head to toe with leather and steel, the surviving Elves stood firm with wide smiles plastered to their never aging face.

Nobody came to the rescue. The Elves knew of the consequences, yet they stood firm with no weapons not incantation on their throat.

One of the human generals galloped forward with his metal steed. Weapon and shield on both hands, the general opened his mouth.

”By the decree of the king, all of the fae folks in this land shall be driven away to the beyond of our territory. Any resistance will be deemed as an act of treason against the king! ”

Still with their eternal smile, one of the Elves stepped forward, voicing the opinion of the whole clan.

”Our kin have lived here, nurturing the earth, the soil, the trees, the wind, and the fuel that kept your lungs running. Had our kin didn stay and stayed away from the stray path, there wouldn be a single creature other than us who would inhibit this vast and bountiful world. ”

”As expected, the knife ears have always been too prideful and overbearing, this is why no other races are willing to vouch for your kin. ”

The valiant Elf who failed to seek peace with his tongue ended up trying to bow in consideration, placing his fist on his open palm. ”We merely didn include the harmful opinion of others to affect our wellbeing. This gesture Im doing is known to be respectful and humble to humans. If thats true, may I beg you to give us the chance to move peacefully to the other side of the world, away from your noble kings sight? ”

”Heh, your gesture might be respectful, but your eyes are brimming with flames. ”

”Still, we don want any unnecessary conflict. ”

”You have been approaching the army of the king with your unruly appearance and hidden malice. That on itself is an act of treason. ” The general swung his weapon in the air, signaling his brethren soldiers. ”Slay them! ”


As the army of humans charged forward, there wasn a single Elf who moved from their position.

Anger was dwelling harmfully inside the Elf who bowed for the sake of his clan. With the fire churning behind his family, and the unfair sword on the others, he wanted to see the face of his pregnant wife for the last time.

Time moved slowly at that moment, he believed that he managed to maintain the balance of the world by suppressing his anger. At the same time, he was reminded, and questioned of the moment where he met with the elder of his clan.

His young self asked the elder that time.

”Why are we staying in the forest? Our power exceeds others, and our intelligent topples many even since birth! ”

The elder replied, ”Because the world is kind, and for the sake of the world, we need to suppress our desire. ”

”Huh? What happens if we don suppress our desire? ”

The elder looked at the starry sky amongst the leaves. ”Then the world will be no more. Our kin is the catalyst of creation. We are capable of building the most intricate tower, and the most beautiful statue of enormous size.

”Yet at the same, we are also the catalyst of destruction. Our hands can craft destructive machinery, and our magic prowess could alter time and space, connecting the world of the unknown before taking them for ourselves. ”

”T-that is scary! ”

The elder giggled. ”Hence why, we stopped mingling with technology. Instead of paving roads and using steel, we build our haven on trees and live amongst the low life of the forest. Instead of bothering others, we kept the world running by spreading the influence of nature.

”But at the same time, the opinion and action of others can push our limits to do harm to others. Especially you, Adoras, as an Elf with the most temperamental personality in our clan, you
e prone to destruction of others the most. ” The elder, using the lifeline of her soul, enquired a branch from the roots of the tree that she sat, to slither onto her hand, blooming a beautiful myosotis flower. ”You need to strengthen your resolution.

”We mustn let ourselves be naive and gullible like the gentle critter of the forest. We mustn be reckless like the orc. We mustn act prudently like the dwarf. Lastly, we mustn become an ambitious species like the humans.

”This is also the reason why we preach the philosophy of our well-known phrase. ” The elder smirked.

”That crude one? We don give a feces? ” Young Adoras looked disappointed with the wacky phrasing. ”To be honest, that phrase sounds cringe and a little bit mocking. What does it really mean anyway? ”

”Heh, its just another way of saying that we don give a shit but in a lighter demeanor. It means, to not be interested in or worried about something or someone. ” The elder raised her index. ”To suppress ourselves and to save the world, we must not let ourselves be affected by the words and actions of others. ”

Hearing that last sentence once again inside his mind, Adoras reached his inner peace, sighing with both melancholy and triumph. He succeeded, he thought to himself. He was finally able to suppress his inner anger.

But at the last moment, he sighted something that made his determination waver. A flood of streaming tears from the eyes of his wife. Despite all of the mockery that the human general threw at him and his clan, he managed to suppress his desire for blood because his wife would probably want the state of the world to stay this way.

But no, his wife was there, crying because of the heat from the burning forest, and the incoming death at their peaceful clans door. In an instant, Adora turned back to face the incoming army and stretched his hand forward.

He began casting a spell incantation—so powerful, it could burn the continent into ashes. While right after, preventing any life or vegetation to arise for the next thousands of years.

The curse would be unleashed if he managed to finish the incantation. If it really did, anything within and above the blightful soil, there would only be a plague of slow death—inhumane mutation to anything that stepped upon the cursed land.

”That bastard is trying to cast a spell! Stop him! ”

Every Elves that were present had been struck by fear. Not because of the fact that they would die and the land would turn into the land akin to the underworld, but because they were afraid that they would become like him if they were not strong enough.

Yes, those humans deserve this! They are greedy and destructive! If the whole continent will be infested by them, it would be better if there would be no continent at all!

But despite all of his conviction, he hesitated. The teaching of the elder had been ingrained to him for hundreds of years, a mere second of overcoming wouldn be enough to let him finish the incantation.

In the end, the doctrine that the elder engraved to their kin had thrived within that decisive moment.

Adoras stopped the incantation.

The next moment, his head was rolling on the bloody grass.

Many years had passed since then. Many Elves were still abdicating to their old teaching at this point, but not many of them were living within the reach of nature anymore.

Instead of gathering to their elders for knowledge, the Elves in this era wer

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