Chapter 11: How Did You Advance to the First Order?

greement: “Fine.” Taking the two Yang fruits from Huang Xiaolongs hand, he inhaled deeply looking at them, making an effort to suppress the excitement in his heart. He had been stuck at late-Sixth Order for more than a year, with this piece of Yang fruit he would able to breakthrough to the peak-Sixth Order in two months time.

In fact, he really needed this Yang fruit.

Looking at the small red succulent fruit in her palm, Su Yans expression wasnt much different from Huang Pengs. With this piece of Yang fruit, there was hope for her to advance to the Sixth order.

“Xiaolong, about your breakthrough to the First Order, for the time being, dont let others know.” Huang Peng said to his son after regaining some clarity, and continued, “Although you managed to breakthrough after swallowing the Yang fruits, you still need to make an effort in your practice, strive to reach mid-First Order by the end of the year.”

In Huang Pengs opinion, as long as his son could reach the mid-First Order, even if Huang Wei was late-First Order at that time, to cripple both of his sons hands would be difficult.

The gap between mid-First Order and late-First Order was almost negligible.

“Dad, Mom, rest assured that I will not disappoint you.” Huang Xiaolong said.

Huang Peng and Su Yan were comforted with those words.

A short while later Huang Xiaolong left the Eastern Courtyard hall back to his small courtyard and directly went into practice mode. After advancing to the Third Order, the double-headed martial spirits speed in absorbing the netherworld spiritual aura had again increased, the battle qi inside his body grew ever more powerful.

Almost at the speed of every other day, the battle qi inside his body became thicker and more powerful.

The small courtyard Huang Xiaolong resided in was located at the easternmost part of Huang Clan Manor, that was why other than his parents and his sister Huang Min, rarely any people passed by, which made it all the more convenient for Huang Xiaolong to concentrate on practice.

With Huang Xiaolong practicing in a crazed manner regardless of day or night, his battle qi and internal force increased exponentially.

The peak of early-Third Order, mid-Third Order, peak mid-Third Order, late-Third Order!

By the time three months had passed, Huang Xiaolongs battle qi had reached peak late-Third Order, at any moment he could breakthrough to Fourth Order, and there were only less than two weeks until the end of the years Clan Assembly.

However, the Fourth Order was a dividing line, the fourth orders barrier was much thicker compared to the previous second and third order, the difficulty was incomparable.

In Huang Clan Manor there were disciples possessing grade seven martial spirits stuck at peak late-Third Order for more than two years, unable to achieve the desired breakthrough to the Fourth Order. Even those possessing grade eight martial spirits spent more than one years time at peak late-Third Order before advancing further.

Two weeks passed quickly.

With the approaching Clan Assembly, the Huang Clan Manor was filled with a lively and festive atmosphere because two days after the Clan Assembly was the dawn of a New Year. The entire Huang Clan Manor was decorated lavishly. In contrast with the rest of the Huang Clan Manor, Huang Xiaolongs small courtyard seemed desolate and lonely.

“Tomorrows the annual Clan Assembly.” Huang Xiaolong left his room after more than a dozen days of hard practice, eventually encountering a bottleneck at peak late-Third Order. From the looks of it, it would take a while before he could cross over to the Fourth Order.

Huang Xiaolong walked out from the small courtyard.

“Tomorrows the Clan Annual Assembly, did you hear, this time Old Manor Lord will make an appearance!”

“This year is Young Lord Huang Weis first time participating in the Clan Assembly after awakening his martial spirit, of course Old Manor Lord will be joining the gathering. Not only that, I heard that Old Manor Lord even invited the Li Familys Old Patriarch over!”

“Then it means the Li Familys Old Patriarch will be coming over?”

The Li Family and the Huang Clan Manor were considered as Canglan Countys major forces. The relationship between Old Patriarch of the Li Family, Li Mu and Huang Xiaolongs Grandfather, Huang Qide, had always been good.

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