Chapter 20: Li Mus Celebration

Huang Wei were already waiting.

When Huang Wei saw Huang Xiaolong stepping into the Main Hall, his eyes were full of hatred; if not for Huang Qides presence, he probably would have pounced on Huang Xiaolong.



Huang Xiaolong and Huang Peng walked up to Huang Qide and said their greeting, ignoring Huang Weis imitation of a ferocious beast.

Huang Qide nodded and laughed: “Since everyones here, lets go.” Huang Qide stepped out, and the four people followed after him.

Even though the Huang Clan Manor and the Li Family were known as two of the major powers in Canglan County, there was quite a distance between them.

The Li Family Residence is in Canglans County City whereby the Huang Clan Manor was situated a hundred miles outside of theCounty City.

Therefore, it was evening when Huang Xiaolongs group of five arrived in County City, nearing dusk.

“Brother Qide! You traveled quite a distance to come for my celebration, yet Im slow in my welcome, please forgive me!” said Old Patriarch Li while laughing merrily when the five of them arrived at County City.

“Brother Li Mu is too polite!” Huang Qide laughed robustly.

Huang Xiaolong looked around and noticed that the little girl Li Lu was standing behind a roundish faced middle-aged man who was a little chubby with slightly small eyes – which gave the impression that he was always beaming.

Is this Old Patriarch Lis only son, Li Chen, Li Lus father? Huang Xiaolong wondered.

At this moment, the little girl who was hiding behind Li Cheng looked mischievously at Huang Xiaolong, stuck her tongue out at Xiaolong and giggled; looking very cute.

Huang Xiaolong rolled his eyes, totally ignoring her.

Seeing Huang Xiaolongs nonchalant reaction, Li Lu pouted her lips in pique.

This scene was seen by Huang Wei who was standing at the side; hatred surged violently in his heart. Although his engagement with Li Lu during the Clan Assembly was ruined by Huang Xiaolong, in his heart Li Lu was already his wife, and now hiswife was blatantly flirting with Huang Xiaolong right in front of him!

After the customary greetings, everyone entered the city, heading towards Li Residence.

Contrary to expectations, the Li Residence was not located in the center of the city but in the south section. When they arrived before the Li Residences main entrance, the twenty meters wide street in front was filled with an endless stream of horses and carriages, the street was lively and decorated with bright and colorful lanterns. For Li Mus eightieth birthday celebration, other than Huang Clan Manor, most of the forces in Canglan County had already arrived.

However, the real celebration would happen tomorrow, thus there were those who were yet to arrive and who were on their way.

When they arrived at the Li Residence, Li Mu personally lead them to the prearranged courtyard to rest.

“Brother Qide, if theres anything you need, just inform the Residences guards. Please forgive the poor hospitality.” Li Mu said to Huang Qide with a smile.

Huang Qide waved his hand and said: “Youre too polite. En, please go and attend to your matters; tomorrow, we brothers will drink together later.”

Li Mu laughedhehe: “Definitely.” Then turned around and left.

But what happened next stunned Huang Xiaolong. Not long after Li Mu left, Li Lu came to their courtyard! After greeting Huang Qide, Huang Ming, and Huang Peng, she went straight to Huang Xiaolong and said in a petulant voice: “Xiaolong, This is your first time in County City right? Come, Ill give you a tour!” Her hand was already pulling Huang Xiaolong away from the courtyard even before he had the chance to reply.

Huang Wei stared pointedly at Li Lu holding Huang Xiaolongs hand, and watched both of them leave the courtyard; his expression was ugly to the extreme. And of course, Huang Mings face wasnt looking any better either.

Huang Qide opened his mouth, but didnt know what to say; Huang Peng stood there quietly, but his heart was flipping in delight.

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