Chapter 22 : Just a Lowly Slave What Qualifications?

the world, this sentence during salute was set by the previous Sovereign, if we stop…?”

Huang Xiaolong waved his hand and said: “I know that this rule was set by Master years ago, but rules are established by people. Im the current Sovereign, and I say this rule is now abolished.”

Master? Fei Hou had been curious about Huang Xiaolongs relation with the Old Sovereign. Hearing Xiaolong refer to the Old Sovereign as Master he now knew. Right, who else but the old Sovereigns pro-disciple can be the Sovereign of Asuras Gate?

Fei Hou Immediately responded: “As Sovereign ordered!”

“Hows your recovery?” Huang Xiaolong asked.

“Replying Sovereign, your subordinates injury has recovered about seventy percent, in three days my wounds should fully recover, but my veins…” Fei Hous words stopped here.

“You neednt worry about your veins. Now, tell me about the current situation in Asuras Gate.”

When Fei Hou heard that, his expression became complicated.

“What is it?” Huang Xiaolong frowned.

Seeing Huang Xiaolongs expression he knew Huang Xiaolong had misunderstood, and quickly said: “Sovereign, its not that your subordinate is unwilling to report. Honestly, its just that subordinate is not very clear.”

“Not very clear?” Huang Xiaolong was startled.

“Yes.” Fe Hou nodded, he then explained to Huang Xiaolong. Fei Hou entered Asuras Gate twenty years ago, and he had never been to Asuras Gate headquarters. Twenty years ago he met an Elder from Asuras Gate and was taken in as a disciple, and that was how he entered Asuras Gate. His Master never talked to him about sects matters.

His Masters name was Yu Ming.

“But Master did mention that after the Old Sovereign had disappeared fifty years ago, there was an internal struggle for the Sovereigns position, resulting in Asuras Gate splitting into two factions.” Fei Hou said.

“Split into two factions!” Huang Xiaolongs brows creased, asked: “Where is your Master now?”

“Three years ago we separated and, since then, I havent seen Master. Back then, Master said he had something to do in Mohe Kingdoms Imperial City.” Replied Fei Hou.

The Mohe Kingdom? Huang Xiaolong had heard about the Mohe Kingdom, but the distance from there to Luo Tong kingdom where Huang Xiaolong was located was too far. To reach the Mohe Kingdom from the Luo Tong Kingdom, he would need to pass through more than ten other kingdoms in between.

If its like this, getting a clear picture of the internal situation at Asuras Gate is currently impossible.

At this moment, Li Lu ran over from afar; her face blossomed into a smile when she saw Huang Xiaolong, “Xiaolong, I knew you were here. Lets go, the banquet is starting soon, lets head over there now.”

Huang Xiaolongs head started to ache when he saw Li Lu, he turned towards Fei Hou and said: “Come with me.”

“Yes, Young Master!” Fei Hou replied respectfully.

Although Li Lu was surprised to hear Fei Hou refer to Huang Xiaolong as Young Master, she did not think too much about it. She walked up to Huang Xiaolong and pulled his hand, running out from the yard; as if pulling Huang Xiaolongs hand had become a habit of hers.

Huang Xiaolong wanted to retrieve his hand, but to his surprise, this time, the little girl gripped firmly, not letting go. He could only follow from behind. As they arrived at the banquet, they ran into Huang Pengs group who just came.

When Huang Wei saw Li Lu holding Huang Xiaolongs hand, his expression turned hideous, whereas Huang Peng was giving Huang Xiaolong an ambiguous smile while giving him a thumbs up, rendering Huang Xiaolong speechless!

Everyone took their seat after they entered the main hall, and Huang Qides groups seats were actually on the main table, seated together with Li Mu. Huang Xiaolong was about to sit when Li Lu came over and pulled him to a seat next to her and Fei Hou automatically stood behind Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Peng, Huang Qide, and the others had noticed Fei Hous presence behind Huang Xiaolong. They thought Huang Xiaolong bought Fei Hou yesterday at the slaves market when he was going around the city; consequently, nobody asked anything.

“Fei Hou, find a place to seat on the sides.” Seeing Fei Hou standing behind him, when the seat beside was empty didnt feel right, after all, Fei Hou was a Tenth Order Warrior.

Just as he spoke, Huang Weis spoke loudly in a haughty voice: “Sit? Huang Xiaolong, today is Old Patriarch Lis birthday banquet; is a slave you bought qualified to sit in here?”

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