Chapter 03: Only Xiaolong Did Not Get Any?

sitor was his little sister, Huang Min.

Sure enough, Huang Mins innocent, tender voice sounded: ”Big Brother, Big Brother!

Huang Xiaolong turned around and saw Huang Min running into the yard. When she reached Huang Xiaolong, Huang Min was panting heavily: ”Big brother, Mom and Dad are arguing.”

“Mom and Dad are arguing? Whats the matter?” Huang Xiaolong was confused for a moment. To his recollection, his parents had never quarreled.

”I dont know the reason, but it seems its related to Eldest Uncle.” Huang Min said.

”Eldest Uncle? ” Huang Xiaolong frowned slightly, saying: ”Well go and see. ” Leaving the small courtyard with Huang Min, they hurried to the Eastern Courtyard. However, even before they reached the Eastern Courtyards hall, from some distance away, the sound of their parents quarreling echoed out.

”Big Brother is too much! ” Su Yans anger filled voice exclaimed. “After the martial spirit awakening ceremony, all the children received a Battle Qi Dan except for our Xiaolong!”

Huang Xiaolongs pace halted.

Battle Qi Dan?− a second-grade pill. After awakening a martial spirit, if one could get a Battle Qi Dan, it would speed up battle qi conversion. Of course for warriors belonging to the initial stages, a Battle Qi Dan also aided in enhancing battle qis quality.

”Didnt Big Brother already say the Manors supply of Battle Qi Dan just ran out? He will compensate Xiaolong next time.” Huang Pengs irritated voice was heard coming from inside the hall.

“There was a total of twenty-six children during the martial spirit awakening ceremony and even those with low-level and waste martial spirits received a Battle Qi Dan. All others received one except for our Xiaolong who has a grade seven martial spirit!” Su Yan raised her voice in anger.

“Why is it so? Our Xiaolong is his nephew!”

Huang Xiaolong furrowed his brow. Listening to his parents quarrel, he understood clearly – other than him, all other children were given a Battle Qi Dan to aid their cultivation.

Two years ago, when Huang Xiaolong seriously beat up Huang Wei, Huang Ming did not say anything at the time. It seems Eldest Uncle Huang Mings resentment towards him had been stewing for a long while.

Although his grandfather Huang Qide had yet to pass the Manor Lord position to his Eldest Uncle Huang Ming, it was irrefutable that most matters of the manor were handled by him, especially in recent years. Just as his mother Su Yan said, even those with waste and low-level martial spirits were given a Battle Qi Dan. Only Huang Xiaolong, his nephew, did not get any. This was blatant bullying!

No matter what, Huang Xiaolong was Huang Mings nephew– was it really necessary for Huang Ming to act so crudely?

Huang Mings action not only proved he resented Huang Xiaolong, it also equaled sweeping face for Huang Xiaolongs parents, Huang Peng and Su Yan, in front of all the Huang Clan Manor Elders.

”This cannot be. Im going to ask Dad to judge the fairness of this matter! ” Inside the hall, Su Yan discontentedly retorted for she was unable to swallow this down.

”You come back here! ” Huang Peng shouted furiously, ”For some small matter, you are going to trouble Father. Do you think that I havent lost enough face?”

Outside the hall, when Huang Xiaolong heard this, he silently turned to leave. A small matter, is it? A glint flashed across Huang Xiaolong eyes. His Uncle Huang Ming has yet to obtain the Manor Lords position, but once he has officially taken over, these types of small things will become much bigger!

Huang Min saw Huang Xiaolong remain silent, turning to leave without a word. She could not help but stand there in a daze for a moment before reacting. She tried to catch up to Huang Xiaolong: ”Big Brother, Big Brother!”

Huang Xiaolong did not reply, the two of them left the Eastern Courtyard. Coincidentally, just as he stepped out they came face-to-face with Huang Wei. Trailing behind him was his usual gang of brothers, the same group that bullied Huang Min.

Seeing both Huang Xiaolong and his sister exiting the Eastern Courtyard, Huang Wei was startled for a moment before he stepped towards Huang Xiaolong with the group.


Sweeping/Slapping face- actions of insult.

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