Chapter 09: Blades of Asura

d up and slipped onto Huang Xiaolongs ring finger on his left hand by itself; then it seemed to submerged into his body, disappearing from view. When Huang Xiaolong thought of it, it appeared again on his ring finger.

Sensing the large space within Asura ring, Huang Xiaolong was delighted – it was more than a few hundred cubic meters wide and with this Asura Ring it would be more convenient for him to carry things around without having to worry about others finding out.

After that, he turned around, gazing at the pair of shiny black blades on the wall and with a small leap he took down the pair of blades. The sabers bodies seemed to emanate a strange buzz that could penetrate into peoples minds, causing a cold prickly sensation that creeped people out.

Huang Xiaolong examined the Blades of Asura in his hands, noticing on the bodies of the blades a black fiendish current flow faintly, indirectly forming blurred images of terrifying horror.

The longer Huang Xiaolong held the Blades of Asura in hands, the fonder he grew of them.

“Blades of Asura, the blades of slaughter; great, from here onwards you will accompany me to slaughter all my enemies!” Huang Xiaolong said as he caressed the ridge of the sabers. As if able to understand the meaning of his words, the blades issued a cheerful hum.

Seeing this, Huang Xiaolong only grew fonder. Then, using the same method of recognizing owner, he dripped a few drops of blood onto the blades and as the drops of fresh blood meld, a blood-red light burst out from the blades as they hovered in the air, one flew to the left and the other to the right of Huang Xiaolong. On Huang Xiaolongs arms emerged two tiny tattoo-like Blades of Asura.

Huang Xiaolong placed the piece of paper and Asura Tactics book into the Asura ring for safekeeping and prepared to leave the room, however, he paused just as he reached the door and turned back looking at the jade bed. He took the cold jade bed away too.

Stepping out from the third room, Huang Xiaolong circled once around the cave. After confirming that he did not miss anything he walked to the exit. He did not plan to remove the inlaid Water Dispersing Pearl at the caves entrance, for he planned to use the cave in the future for his practice, for the caves well-hidden location in the valley. That was the reason why he did not take the Water Dispersing Pearl, there were benefits to keeping this cave.

Emerging from the lake, Huang Xiaolong swam to the side and put on his clothes, transferring the Yang fruits into his ring.

“Hoo Hoo Haa” Exactly at this moment, the little violet monkey had finished absorbing the spiritual energy from the Yang fruit came running towards Huang Xiaolong in a cheerful gait.

Huang Xiaolong noticed that after absorbing two Yang fruits, the Spirit Devourer Violet Monkeys fur became glossier, and its eyes brighter, however, its body size remained the same.

“Little guy, I have to go back now, Ill come to see you again.” Huang Xiaolong leaned forwards and said to the little violet monkey.

But, as he turned around to leave, the little violet monkey cried out and in a flash appeared on Huang Xiaolongs shoulder, perching comfortably.

Huang Xiaolong was dazed for a moment, and jokingly said: “Little guy, dont tell me that you want to follow me home?”

Unexpectedly, the little violet monkey squeaked and nodded its little head.

Huang Xiaolong did not expect that this little violet monkey will be willing to follow him home, after a brief consideration, he said with a smile: “Very well, lets go.” A boy and a monkey departed from the valley.

Passing through the green turf and the mountains of white bones, Huang Xiaolong wondered to himself “Were all these people killed by Ren Wokuang?”

Leaving the valley, HuangXiaolong did not take any detours, heading straight to Huang Clan Manor.

By the time he reached Huang Clan Manor, it was already noon. Just as he stepped into his small courtyard, he ran into Huang Min, his little sister who had just stepped out from his small courtyard.

“Big Brother, where did you go?” Huang Min asked, but it was only up till here, as her eyes widened in surprise when she saw the little violet monkey on Huang Xiaolongs shoulder. Clapping her hands gleefully, she almost shouted out loud: “What a cute little monkey! Big brother, where did you buy it from?”

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