Kobi laughed loudly after cursing the system. His eyes glinting maliciously, as he gazed at the Shik, ”Now system! ” Kobi clasped his hips and walked towards Shik with a disdainful face.

”Compensation! ” Kobi held out his hand with an evil smirk.

<> Shil moved back, his eyes widening bit-by-bit, <>

Kobi raised his brow, his ears twitching, theres no way he missed that, but of course, instead of changing the topic, he ignored it for now and waved his hand in a bored manner, ”Compensation! ”

<> Shik gazed at him with an innocent expression.

”Don but me! You almost killed me by immaturely making me fight that Prince, I bet I couldve gotten at least one hundred skills before having to fight him! Yet you made me fight him so early, nearly causing my death! Do you know I nearly lost my left arm? Heck! It even hurts right now, look it looks so scared! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! ” Kobi… who was causally using his left arm to grab his hip, suddenly failed it around limply, as he caressed it pitifully, shrill screams hurled out of his mouth.

”Look! Look! So weak! Heck! Now you must give me a super, op potion or something that shoots my Strength to one thousand or else I will feel wronged! Yea, and also those one hundred skills, pay those as well! ” Kobi seriously placed froward his left hand.

Glancing at Shiks dumfounded expression, he made an ”O ” expression and swiftly changed hands, his left hand flailing left and right limply.

<> Shil screamed at the top of his lungs.

”Uh! ” Kobi scratched his face with his left hand, ”I am still not very learned in the art, so I will take a while. Oh! How about you also give me an acting book which instantly dissolves once I touch it? Yep! Add that in the compensation list as well, alright! Hand em over now! ”

Kobi raised his chin proudly, Mommy, daddy! You must be feeling proud! Kobi sighed melancholy.

Shik covered his face for an instant before looking at him seriously, <>

Kobis lips morphed into an O. Seriously? He felt as if struck gold.

Hearing Kobis thoughts, Shik shook his head with a weary smile and explained, <>

Kobi nodded his head understandingly, he still felt this was too surreal but Shiks explanation made some sense.

Shaking his head he nodded his head excitedly, ”Now gimme those skills right now! ”

Shik nodded his head with an extremely, angelic smile and waved his hand.

All of a sudden, names kept ringing in Kobis ears, Devilish Smile, Powered Whistle, Dragon Roar and what not!

Kobi kept staring into space with a blank smile. After a whole two minutes, his dull look finally regained clarity, ”I AM FREAKING TOO OP!! ” Kobi roared aloud, his figure flashing left and right, through the use of his newfound teleportation.

A thick ball of fire appeared in his mouth and he blew it out, sending it smashing into the wall.


”HAHAHAHA! The skies morph clouds to display my name, the ground crumbles down fearing my steps, the wind dares not let me step on the ground and keeps me afloat and you still say you haven heard of Kobi Colls? Huh!? Are you living under a rock? Tch! Tch! Tch! ” Kobi shook his head disappointedly, his lips twitching from his desire to grin.

Shik just smirked glancing at him hopping around.

After regaining his senses, Kobi sighed solemnly and flashed a thumbs-up to Shik, causing the latter to bow while saying he was just doing his job.

Kobi pushed back his hair and and jogged towards the door while humming a tune, the moment he spun the knob, his surroundings vanished replaced by bright white light, his feet seemed to be hovering in mid-air.

”Whats this, Shik? ” Kobi glanced at Kobi in surprise and a hint of nervousness.


Followed by the notification, three boxes of varying colors appeared in front of him. Each side had a question mark.

The left box was purple, the middle box was yellow, the right box was blue.

Then, another golden box appeared above the three. Each side having a black question marks, unlike the other three which had white question marks.

Shik appeared next to him and appeased his confusion, <>

Kobi raised his brow, a sly smile appeared atop his face, ”Shik! ”

<> Shik mouth opened slightly, his large eyes blinking constantly in confusion.

”You know… I even got emotional damage! ” Kobi bit his lips, his eyes gazing up solemnly.

Shik had an urge to slap Kobi right on the cheek. <> Shik held his hips, preparing himself.

Kobi turned his face towards him, his face morphed in disgust at Shiks puny brain, flashing his empty palm, he demanded calmly, ”Compensation! ”

Shik had an urge to slap himself for losing control earlier and doing something which cost him so bitterly.

”Either give me the 1000 Strength Stat Potion and the acting book. ” Kobis face suddenly lit up slyly, ”Orrrr, ”

Shik sighed, thinking he deserved this mess, <>

”Or I can compromise since you have been so cooperating and settle by just taking all these boxes. ” Kobi grinned beautifully.

Shik slapped his palm on his face and sighed, <>

Kobis face morphed into an oval, Shit! Aren you so cute you damned generous system! Just watch as I quickly find a way back to Earth when I get out. Kobi literally forgot Shik could hear his thoughts since the latter didn comment once earlier on his thoughts.

Seeing him snicker, Shik just shook his head,

Sensing Kobis was about to open them, artifical wind blew out of all the boxes as they trembled ever so gently.

Kobi tapped on the purple box, inside was not a scroll surprisingly, instead a potion.

<> Shik raised a brow in surprise himself.

”Only 10? What good would that do? ” Despite sounding unimpressed, Kobi instantly downed the potion, causing a sudden heat to well up inside him.

He could feel his exploding power running all around, he couldn help but smile.

<> Shik snickered.

”Huh! ” Kobis mouth hung loose, his disbelief flickering in his eyes.

Seeing his expression, Shik smirked.

Dang! Seeing he wasn joking, Kobi felt a hint of curiosity for the outside world arising inside him.

He tapped on the yellow box, causing the lid to slide off. Inside was a white scroll.

He took it outside and unrolled it, on it were the words, Corruption.


Kobi raised a brow, Not bad but… its condition is too shitty.

Kobi tapped on the blue box, he calmly took out the scroll and unrolled it. Killers Wits.

<> Shik explained.

Kobi rubbed his chin before muttering, ”Move! ”

A smile bloomed on his face as he gazed at the golden box, ”Lets see what you can offer. ”


A pungent, dark and cold wind blew out of the box. As the wind flew past him, Kobi felt as if he was being pricked by needles, making him shiver.

He gulped and gazed inside, a dark scroll lay silently.

He gulped again and took it outside, as he unrolled it, dark red words scribbled atop the scroll.

Kobis eyes shook as he muttered it out-loud, ”Demonic Will! ”


”I will have to see its effect for myself before commenting. ” Kobi shrugged, his excietment dying down.


The light around him began to fade bit-by-bit as a vague image started constructing around him.

The moment he blinked his eyes, he appeared somewhere in a shady area. There was something shading over him, but the shade vanished some distance from his soles, and lush green grass shimmering under the blazing sun stretched endlessly in his vision.

But… that didn impress Kobi.

He was busy staring at the place where his golden bar was… was, it vanished. Kobi felt cold sweat drenching him, ”Shik… my skills are there right!? My hundred plus skills? ” Kobi forcefully stretched his lips, smiling ear-to-ear.

Shik flashed the same smile and shook his head, <>

Kobis smile thinned, he raised his hands and flashed a few lovely fingers, with a teary voice, he spoke sincerely, ”Fu*k you system! ”

<> Shik waved his hand dismissively, his expression solemn like a hero leaving without taking the credit.


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