”GAHH! ”

Kobis eyes widened, the sound of the chaotic wind rushed into his air but still he could clearly hear the scream coming from right next to him.

In the next instance, he felt a great force slamming into him from the side, hurling him away from the spears path.


Kobis eyes shifted to where he previously stood, he could see the horror and confusion on the Hobgoblins face, even it seemed to wonder why it did what it did.

The next instance, the spear clapped onto the Hobgoblin and to his utter shock, the Hobgoblins entire body evaporated into black ash. The spear, like a spring compressed onto the door and blasted.

Kobis heart froze, the Princes breath froze. The air turned pungent and hot. The smell of something charred drifted to their nose.

Snapping Kobi out of his daze, his vision quivered as he glanced at the pile of of ash on the floor. He meekly lifted his body, nearly falling face-first. He couldn feel his right side, most of his bones were broken due to the bulldozer like push of the Hobgoblin but Kobi wasn feel angry, why would he? NO! Was he even worthy of feeling anything right now?

Nobody knew, but Kobi felt as if wasn worthy enough for what the Hobgoblin had done.

Shiks stared at the error notifications ringing in his head. His eyes shifted towards Kobi,

Kobi dragged himself to the ash and kneeled next to it.


Blood gushed out of the Princes mouth, his legs gave away and he too collapsed on the floor but his eyes couldn budge from the ash, he kept asking himself, no he was questioning, not him but that ash, Why? WHY!?

Kobi took grabbed the ash in his palm, his eyes regaining their clarity, his eyes shifted to the Prince, glancing at his ashen face, a cruel smile bloomed on Kobis face.

”Tell me! ” Kobi rose to his feet, in the palm still holding the ash, a spear made of gold appeared. He firmly took hold of the spear with his left hand, the ash between them making it difficult to hold it firmly, but he held on, ”Do you now think, he was unworthy? ”

Kobis eyes flickered dangerously, his legs limply dragging him towards the horrified Prince.

”You… I… I think? ” The Princes face welled up with emotions, remembering his earlier words, sweat covered his face, maybe if he hadn said that, then the Hobgoblin wouldn have stepped up and saved the human. No, he would even help him, and maybe with his help he wouldn have only reclaimed his spear but also already killed this human.

This pathetic human who was dragging himself towards him, his eyes flashing with a pungent desire to kill.

The Princes heart chilled down as he gazed at the nearing Kobi, ”No! Stay away! Don come nea-Cough, cough! ”

Blood spilled out of the Princes mouth as he tried to get up to his feet but failed. His last move took everything he got. It was a one hit move capable of eliminating almost anything on the same level.

The Prince wouldn have even considered using that move against the puny human had he not been so enraged that he just wished for him to vanish. Heck! Even when he started condensing energy in his palms, he had no desire of using his full strength in that move, but Kobi didn even hold himself back and taunted him further, which caused him to nearly wish to turn into powder and if not for the Hobgoblin, he wouldve succeeded as well.

”Stay away! AWAY! ” The Prince yelled, dragging his majestic body backwards.

Kobi ignored the shrill pleas and grinned, his shadow covering the Princes face in eternal darkness. ”Remember, the one who will take your life isn Kobi Colls but… that Hobgoblin who you once called unworthy! ”

Kobi raised the spear high, allowing the Prince to take in its majestic gleaming self and its pointy sharp tip for the first time himself. Before plunging it straight into the Princes head.


As Kobi took out the spear, vibrant green blood dripped from its tip, back into the hole he had just created.

Puchi! Puchi! Puchi!

Kobis spit rolled to the tip of his tongue and he spat it out at the dead corpses under his feet, ”Useless trash! Look at you! Acted so majestic yet died like a scum and look at him, ” Kobi pointed the spear at the ash, ”So humble yet died like a DAMN WARRIOR! ”

His scream clapped in the silent blood-stained halls.

Kobi glanced at the face filled with holes for a while before spitting at it again.


The spear fell from his grasp, along with Kobi.

Kobi glanced at the ceiling, his lips muttering something only he and Shik could hear, ”Your blood is on my hands… I seek not forgiveness but hate is not my goal either… Know! O great warrior! I will remember you, you who have forged me anew! ”

Kobis this trademark line didn roll out his tongue casually, in his whole life, he could count the times he said it on one hand. Yet he said more times today than the whole previous year. He meant every word of it, whenever he said this line, he knew he would be somewhat different the next time the occasion arrived.

Shik clicked his tongue,

Kobi sighed heavily, his eyes moving towards the blinking golden bar, his eyes suddenly flickered curiously and feeling it being willed.

The 3D holograms depicting his live status appeared in front of him.

The human model was slightly blue all over but his left side was dim red, Intriguing. Kobis eyes moved at the Hp bar, it was less than half.

Gazing at the face emoji, he realized it had a lost look. Kobi blinked his eyes, Hahaha! A smile bloomed on his face, before he shook his head.

The bottle was almost empty, making him realize he was thirsty. Even the stomach was considerably less filled.

Kobi shoved it aside and clicked on the blinking bar. Skills flew past before stopping at three.

Glaze Glow, Twinkle Shine, Flutter Kicks.

Kobis eyes instantly glued themselves to the second one. It had an icon of a glass heart filling up with red liquid.

Smiling brightly, he clicked on it.

Shik slowly hovered next to him with a lost and complicated look and explained, <>

Without batting an eye, Kobi muttered weakly, ”Twinkle Shine! ” Kobi instantly felt something warming his body up and in no time, he jumped back to his feet.

With a reminiscing look, he scanned around the silent hall. Guess… I should start looting? Kobi sighed and squatted next to the Prince, ”Hoho! A golden chain bracelet, dang its heavy, must be gold! ” Kobi wore it almost immediately, ”Dang, this cloth feels nice and sturdy as well, take it! Take it all! ” Kobi grinned evilly and stripped the Prince.

He found ten gold coins on his body instead of the normal bronze coins, making him chuckle. Afterwards he went to the Hobgoblins, he stored the two machetes and found silver coins. Lastly, he glanced at the machete some distance from the ash.

With a complicated look, Kobi held it in his head, sizing it up. ”System, keep it in its own slot. ”

Shik nodded quietly, the machete vanished.

Kobi moved to the door, the ash was right near it, he squatted near it and muttered earnestly, ”Thank you! ”

Kobi got up and moved to the door. Shik immediately blurted out, <>

Kobi halted, with a raised brow he scrutinized Shik. ”I already used Twinkle Shine, back to full hp. ” Kobi flexed his muscles as proof.

Shik gulped and nodded his head wearily.

Kobi glanced at him before opening the door with a heavy heart. Closing his eyes, he took a deep breath and jumped forward, the moment he landed he yelled loudly, his eyes still shut from fear, ”LOOKIE SONS! DADDY BACK! ”

. . .

Kobi peeked from the corner of his eyes, causing him to be blown… the hall was empty.

”Huh!? ”

Shik coughed dryly, <>

”Oh! ” Kobi shrugged his shoulders and started moving towards the door with an unamused face.

Shik suddenly rushed hrough him, causing his heart to leap from the fright, ”YOU WANT TO GIVE ME A HEART-ATTACK!? ”

<> Shik laughed over-exaggeratedly.

Kobi furrowed his brows, after a while of weird staring, he nodded his head and three skills, which seemed to take an awfully long time to appear, appeared.

Hearty Smile, Clapping Thunder, Devils Laugh.

Kobi scanned through before a smile bloomed on his face as he gazed at the last one, click. He waited as the golden bar filled up again but stopped just before he reached the next level. Sighing in dejection, he glanced at Shik.


”Nice! ” Kobi nodded his head and started walking again, his eyes peeking at Shik.


”Don need it! ” Kobi waved his hand dismissively, his guess solidifying.


Kobi paused and stared back, a teasing smile on his face, ”And what if there are weak monsters in the next floor instead? ”

Seeing Kobis teasing smile, Shik slammed his face on his hand, his voice muttered in Kobis mind, <>

Kobi chuckled, ”Spill it! ”

Shik glanced at him timidly before nodding, <> Shik gulped, seeing Kobi not buying it, <>

Kobi glanced at Shik with a deadpan look, ”You actually wanted to created more floors to test me, didn you? ”

<> Shik coughed dryly, his eyes averting from Kobis.

”System… SCREW YOU! ” Kobi cursed and flashing a few special fingers with both hands.

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