Chapter 1 SUMMONED

ly heroes, we are glad that you have safely arived! ”

I started removing my hands and opening my eyes. I saw man about 50 years old but still good looking. He had green eyes and no hair. He had big white robe on himself. Behind him I saw people standing while holding some staffs with purple crystal ball on top of each staff. I thought that some sort of cult has kidnapped us using flashbangs and sleeping gas. Anyways the guy in the robe said:

”Heros, we know you may have many questions but we will answer them all! ”

My whole class started murmuring. Then somebody finally said:

”What happened to us? ”

The guy in the robe smirked and said:

”First of all I am Archbishop Evan and you have all been summoned to another world. ”

Huh. So we have been summoned of course that wha every cult leader would say to deceive us because they think everyone easily believes that thing. But to play along I decided to ask:

”With what purpose did you summon us here? ”

At this point nerds behind believed it totally so they started saying stuff like:

”Status. ” ”Show status. ”

And similar.

”You have been summoned with the purpose of defeating 12 demon kings on dark continent and afterwards defeating 13th hidden demon lord. ”

Answered Evan.

I then asked:

”Why is the 13th demon lord hidden? Is he not on demon continent too?

”No if so many heroes get summoned then amongst them a demon lord shall emerge to even the balance. ”

Answered Evan. After that answer everyone had gone silent and murmur stoped.

”Does that mean one of us is gonna be killed because he is a demon lord? ”

Asked someone from the crowd.

”Yes. ”

Evan calmly answered.


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