Chapter 2 Panic

”Welcome, o holy heroes, we are glad that you have safely arrived ”

Are the lines I heard before opening my eyes. What I saw after that is just pure craziness.


Hi, my name is Kuro. I have dark brown hair along with brown eyes. I am very plump and average height. I may sound like target for bullying but I am not because I am rather strong and like talking to teachers. I am currently riding bus to school. Its not like its hard at school. I would say I am bit above average with my grades and Im not like other kids whining each time teacher questions me but enough with that because we have arived.

”Good morning ”

I welcomed teacher at the entrance. I got ignored. Welp whatever I go and change my shoes and after that I head toward my class. While on my way school bell rang.

”Good morning everyone! ”

I said rather a bit loudly while walking towards my seat.


As always somebody jumped in their seat thinking it was teacher because the were playing video games. Listen, our school is strict and if they catch you with phone during the class, you won see that phone ill the end of the day. Then as always teacher walked in and started teaching us. We were having math. Doing calculations and that stuff.

All of a sudden the whole room lightened up. I thought teacher turned on the lights because I wasn really watching him, I was rather in my imagination. But the lights got stronger, in fact so strong I almost couldn see. I was covering my eyes and looking between my fingers while listening to everyone screaming.

”My eyes! ” ”Whats with this light! ” ”Turn it off! ”

But it was so strong that everything around us became became white and in the next second.


”Welcome, o holy heroes, we are glad that you have safely arived! ”

I started removing my hands and opening my eyes. I saw man about 50 years old but still good looking. He had green eyes and no hair. He had big white robe on himself. Behind him I saw people standing while holding some staffs with purple crystal ball on top of each staff. I thought that some sort of cult has kidnapped us using flashbangs and sleeping gas. Anyways the guy in the robe said:

”Heros, we know you may have many questions but we will answer them all! ”

My whole class started murmuring. Then somebody finally said:

”What happened to us? ”

The guy in the robe smirked and said:

”First of all I am Archbishop Evan and you have all been summoned to another world. ”

Huh. So we have been summoned of course that wha every cult leader would say to deceive us because they think everyone easily believes that thing. But to play along I decided to ask:

”With what purpose did you summon us here? ”

At this point nerds behind believed it totally so they started saying stuff like:

”Status. ” ”Show status. ”

And similar.

”You have been summoned with the purpose of defeating 12 demon kings on dark continent and afterwards defeating 13th hidden demon lord. ”

Answered Evan.

I then asked:

”Why is the 13th demon lord hidden? Is he not on demon continent too?

”No if so many heroes get summoned then amongst them a demon lord shall emerge to even the balance. ”

Answered Evan. After that answer everyone had gone silent and murmur stoped.

”Does that mean one of us is gonna be killed because he is a demon lord? ”

Asked someone from the crowd.

”Yes. ”

Evan calmly answered.


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