Chapter 4

His gang congratulated him while I looked at him in shock, froget shock I almost had my jaw dropped. Even Evan congratulated him. Then from behind I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was Shiori, the kind kid in our class.

”Are you feeling good? ”

She asked.

”I -I am fine. I was just in shock a little. ”

I answered while blushing a little. I wasn good speaking to girls, okay?

”Yeah I too wander how a person can be a bully and a hero. ”

She said with semi-serious look on her face. Yeah I wonder that too. I remember before me and Adrian were good friends but over summer vacation he became bully. He was nice so maybe thats why he became a hero but he was bully too but whatever, it is what it is.

”Yeah. ”

I added. After congratulating died down we got back in line and continued. Some had smiles on their faces some were sad. I tried to recognize who was demon from facial expressions but I am not good at that. Then finally it was my turn. I closed my eyes, put my hand on the red crystal and then finally opened my eyes.



AGE: 15

LVL: 1



Hp: 10 (+990)

Mp: 15 (+1485)

STR: 30 (+500)

AGI:10 (+300)

DEF: 35 (+500)

DEX: 60% ( no bonus)

STA: 5 (+∞)

LK: 54





(+??) Is class [Demon lord] bonus for stats.


I gasped for air.

”I-I am- ”

I got cut short by Evan.

”Are you okay? ”

He asked with suspicion towards me in his eyes.

”Yes, Im okay. ”

I answered while wandering about why don I fell different than before but I decided to not ponder my head about that until tonight. Few more people got their classes and then it was Garrys turn. I wonder why he wasn amongst the first nerds. Whatever. He put his hand on the the crystal and grinned. Then he turned around and started walking towards blue crystal which reminded me I should go too. People didn know what to say while putting their hand on next two crystals except Adrian and Garry. I heard Garry quietly saying to his gang that he thinks he is the main caracter because he is a sage. Let him think whatever he wants. Of cours some friends were murmuring among themselves but not as loud as Garry and Adrian. Then it was my turn. I put my hand on the crystal and this is what I see.


Authors note:

[{An explanation for the ∞ is that slimes don get tired because they are liquids while other stats are boosted because of his class. Just so you don think its some overpowered stuff I gave him on a whim.}]

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