Chapter 01

Room I got was 15 while Soras room was 18. That means I gotta go past 2 rooms without getting noticed. I go towards door number 15, insert the key, unlock, enter and close the door. Then I sat on my bed and had gone into deep thinking mode. I decided to say:

”Status. ”

And my status opens so I decide to try to see if I can see details of the skill by tapping at them and it works I see details of [APPRAISAL EYE].


•Appraisal eye grants user the ability to see the status of living targets while unlike the [APPRAISAL] it also lets you see the durability, value and similar of non-living things.•

So with this skill I can see the details of the crystal ball. Welp there is no point in having questions if nobody is gonna answer them. But this means I can also see details of [WISH] my highest ranked ability. Just to mention it has a weird name. So I tap on it.


•Grants user one wish as a reward for getting rid of at least one {SUMMONED}. This skill is usable only once and will remain in the inventory as locked. THIS IS NOT A SKILL YOU POSSESS, IT HAS BEEN GRANTED TO YOU ALONG WITH THIS CLASS AND SPECIES BECAUSE YOU WERE FAVOURED BY THE {([ DEMON GOD])} AT THE TIME OF SUMMONING.•

I…. was… favoured? By the demon god? B-bb-but I am not evil, right? No, why would I be evil? It must be like in novels. Humans are evil and they attacked demons. They are probably trying to manipulate us into killing demons. Y-yes that must be whats happening, there is no other explanations, right? If bully became a hero that means he was favoured by them, right. If they favour evil, they are evil, right. Did they make a mistake. While I was lost in thought, clock in my room striked 7 p.m. I didn even notice I had a clock in the room. I headed out of the room. When I was in the hallway I looked around and saw Evan on the right in the corner of the hallway and people gathering before him. Then I thought to myself while walking to Evan is he evil. By the time I came to already bigger group I came to conclusion he is maybe not enough informed about the war versus demons. When everyone gathers he turned around and started walking towards hallway we did not come from. When we had gone through the hallway we came to a big dinner hall. There was a long table but like really really long like 30 meters long. With a lot chairs on the sides. Nothing interesting happened, but Sora did send me a quick grin when our eyes met. Then in the hallway before dispersing into our room Evan said:

”Tomorrow we are gonna gonna test your strength along with you skill in swordsmanship and also teach you basic spells. ”

Then people started dispersing so I did as well. Upon entering room I noticed something different but I just couldn pinpoint what it was. Then I walked and sat on my bed. I relayed on my [BOOSTED SENSES] to find out what was different in the room. Then finally I found out and I was angry. I stood up, walked just behind the door but about 40 centimetres from the wall. While looking straight forward I said:

”Am I being watched? ”

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