Chapter 03




Screams could be heard left and right. People were begging not to be killed. To blend with the crowd even I screamed.


I really hate screaming. Its so annoying and has no point since they won change their decision but whatever. After few minutes Evan said:

”Calm down, there is a chance for 13th to not emerge.

I saw right through his lie. I mean I probably won be 13th because I wasn so bad. If I had to guess who I would be I would say Adrian. Our class bully or Ivan our class prankster. They both annoy me equally and Im sure others feel the same. After screams died down a bit. Evan said:

”I forgot to say important information about why we summon heroes. We summon them because every hero that gets summoned is granted class and starter skills adequate to that class without exception. Only the 13th demon lord shall become new species along with getting new class. ”

”We will get superpowers? ”

Said Zak. Zak was popular kid in our class. He was hanging out with older kids so he was cool. I knew him since kindergarten so we are good friends.

”I don know what superpower means but if you get adequate class you will be able to learn and use magic or swordsman skills. ”

Said Evan.

”Thats awesome ”

Said Garry. He was one of the few who read about stuff like this. Not gonna lie but I read about situation like this as well but thats not enough to make me believe this is real but it looks really legit.

”I heard some of you tried to access their statuses before but thats not gonna work until you open your status for the first time using crystal ball filled with mana. ”

Explained Evan.

”So thats why. ”

Said some body from Garrys gang.

”Shall we go take a look at your statuses? ”

Asked Evan.

”Yes ” ”Yeah ” ”Okay ”

e answers shouted by half of the classmates at the same time.

Archbishop started walking out of the room through a big yellow goldish doors. Then we advanced through a enormous hallway towards another big yellow goldish door. We entered after guards infront of the doors opened them. When we entered we saw 3 big crystal balls on 3 short golden pillars. Room was enormous for some reason. Behind pillars I saw treasure so I guess that was treasury. One of crystal balls was red, one blue and one white. Then Evan spoke:

”Red ball on the left will give you a class, blue one in the middle gives you starter skill of that class and the white one records your status so we will know which one of you is demon lord if there is any. When you are infront of the ball put you hand on it and you will see your status. Then go for the next ball. The white ball will be read by royal appraiser with appraisal skill but he is currently sick with flu. ”

”How is there flu in this world? ”

I asked with suspicion in my eyes.

”You are not the first generation of heroes to get summoned. In the past we summoned hero infected with flu so now flu is sickness in our world too. ”

Answered Evan.

”So now would you all please line up. ”

He added. Immediately nerds have gone first in line but they got pushed aside by Adrian.

”Get out of my way, NERDS! ”

He said and put his hand on the ball. After se saw his status he smiled turned around with the grin on his face while he exclaimed:

”I am the hero! ”


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