”Well if you think you are so great and resistible, you see, that beautiful young lady, I want you to charm her, ” the young man said staring at a beautiful lady passing by in the supermarket.

He just try to propose to a girl and he got rejected. His friend mocks him. ”Her? ” he said staring at the ladys butt. ”Yes, do you dare? ” He asked his friend with a cocky smile.

”Yes I dare, she is beautiful not only will I charm her but will have her as well, ” he said licking his lips in a perverted way.

”Well go for it, mind you if she rejects you, you will do everything I say, ” his friend mumbled.

”Sure, wait here, ” he said as he runs after the young lady and holds her butt. She got angry and slaps him hard on the face and walks away to the ladys washroom.

The young man tilts his head towards his friend who was standing at a distance laughing. He smirks and follows her to the washroom locking the door.

”This is the ladys washroom, what do you want? ” The young lady asked.

”I can see you like it rough, ” he said walking closer to her, she takes steps back until her back hits the wall. She wish she could walk through the walls if it was possible looking at how the man was staring at her lustfully she knew it won end well for her.

”What are you talking about, get out before I scream, ” the lady threatened and tries to yell as she had promised.

”No one says no to me, you hear that! ” The man yells holding the young lady by the hand and covering her mouth before she even thinks of screaming.

The lady struggles to free herself. It was a shining day and she never thought she will find herself in such a situation more so in a public place. Her heart keeps thumping hoping someone opens the damn door.

As if she had run out of luck no one was using the washroom at the moment. ”Shsss, I will be real quick. It will be over before you know it, ” he whispers shoving his scarf in her mouth. He turns her over with her facing the wa

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