The bitter truth 1

”Mum exactly, it was that bad well don worry I did her the favor of returning her kind gesture by slapping her twice as hard as she hit me, ” Julia explained with a soft smile.

”I wasn going to let her slap me and go free and much less over Jack, ” she added.

”What, all this happen, and you didn tell me? ” her mum was surprised.

”Mum I was embarrassed, I should have understood she was just hurting yet still it doesn give her the right mum, sorry I didn tell you, it was not something I was proud of, ” she murmured.

”But mum you should have seen her face it was as red as her mums lipstick, ” they both laughed.

”Julia, how many times have I told you not to make fun of elders, and not to repay evil with evil? ” Her mum reprimands her.

”Sorry mum, ” she jokes

”And you are to apologize to Aba, she is still older than you, ” her mum advised.

”But mum I did nothing wrong, ” she cried out.

”No buts Julia, ” her mum huffs.

”Besides it will not hurt to make peace or say sorry, even when you feel you did nothing wrong, ” her mum explained.

”Okay mum, I will apologize to her, ”

The doorbell ranged just then. ”I will get it, mum, ” Julia said as she wiped her hand and walk to the door, ”

”Who is it, Julia? ” Her mum asked.

”Just a minute mum. ” She said as she get the door.

”Mum its pastor Peter and Mr. Rocky and four other wired men with long beards, dressed in strange clothes, ” Julia said as she made a face, her mum left the kitchen and quickly went to the door to greet her unexpected guests.

Julia just kept staring at Umar who had a silly face on and forgot the pastor was still standing outside the door.

Mrs. Juliana came out and used them in ”Im sorry forgive my ill-mannered daughter, please come in and have a seat. ” she greeted.

”This that you are here pastor I hope all is well, ” She asked.

”Please Julia get our visitors water, ” she ordered.

”Yes, mum, ”

”Its fine we took some not long ago. Please have a seat, Mrs. Juliana, ” the pastor had asked. Imprudent little Julia sat across the chair facing Umar and asked ”where have you been all this year? ” Her mum was surprised and shut her up. Julia recognize him, she saw him early that day in the church. ”Go to your room now ” she ordered her.

Julia was confused why her mum was still claimed after seeing her dad after 19 years, she saw her supposed fathers photograph once when she was just 10 years, even though it was worn out, seeing all of them there she presumed it was him.

Julia robbed her hand against her eyebrow while scared Umar does the same. Julia faced her mum and hugged her mum with tears, ”Say something, don be a quiet mum. You are making

I worried, ” She begged.

Julia already felt the connection. They say blood is always thicker than water indeed.

She already figured out Umar was her father without anyone telling her. Mrs. Juliana was wondering what was happening. She tried to shut Julia up but realized she has been unfair

to her.

It is understandable she mistook someone else to be her father. She has never heard about her father since she was born not even stories of him nor a single photograph.

Umar, therefore, took the cloth around his head revealing his face even with his long beard Juliana could recognize that same face.

It was a terror she could never forget that faithful afternoon she was raped in a supermarkets washroom.

She had a flashback and the horror of that faithful day was seen on her face. It was as if it was just yesterday. She almost fainted, Julia held her mum tight in her arms.

She remembers the look on his face when she walks out of the supermarket that day. She was so scared that she told no one about it not even Harry her husband.

She was embarrassed and hated herself.

A few days later she had to pull herself together and give in to Harry since he was asking a lot of questions about why she had changed so much and distanced herself. They got intimate.

Even the magical touch of Harry couldn erase the horror she had experienced that afternoon. She had spent the rest of that afternoon in the bathroom trying to wash the pain and stain away.

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