Story of my life -2

”Life is full of ups and downs but in all, its what makes it fun to live. I wonder why many people complain and the worse is why people would want to commit suicide. Why will someone want to kill him or herself? I just don get it, ”

Julia complained to her mum after reading the newspaper about a student who committed suicide for failing her exams.

”Mummy tells me in this wide world what problem doesn have a solution? ” She rumbled again.

Julia was sitting on the bed with her dresses scattered around while Mrs. Juliana her mum was busy trying to arrange the room.

”Julia come on help me clean up. See how everything is messed up. You are not a child anymore, ” her mum nagged.

”Look at your drawer, how many times have I told you to put your cloth back in the correct place after laundry, ” she scolds, Julia smile as she gets off the bed.

”Mum, you are always working. ” She said.

She made a silly face, stood up, and place her hands around her mums neck. She was trying to sweet-talk her. It always worked, her only weapon against her mother.

”Mum! ” She said rising her eyebrow.

”Chill out mum you still haven answered me. Come sit and leave this here, ” she took the towel from her mums hand and place it on the bed.

”Is there a problem that has no solution? I promise I will fix my room and I will call you to come to check it out. Are you happy now? ” she joked.

”Okay now please tell me why someone will like to kill himself rather than face their problem, ” She asked her mum again. This time waiting for an answer.

”Julia, you are a medical student you should know there are people with psychological issues and its not everyone that can handle stress, ” her mum explained pulling my checks.

”Yes mum but… well you are right, even dad could not handle the stress that he had to leave us, but yet still death should never be an option or a solution. Its only cowards that will opt for that, ” she stated her opinion.

”How can… ” she said. Her mum stopped her before she could finish what she was saying.

”Mum Im sorry I shouldn have mentioned dad, I have been worried about you mum, and it has been 19 years since dad left. The house responsibility has been on you since. You have taken care of Jima, Jane, and me all by yourself. I feel you are stressed up mum. I don want anything to happen to you mum, ” she moans sadly hugging her tightly.

”My sweet little princess, you think too much. Mummy is just fine, you don think I will commit suicide, do you? If that happens it will be because of your silly jokes princess, when the three of you are happy, Im happy too, you girls are never a burden, ” Mrs. Juliana chuckles.

”Girls of your age want to move out of the house and be independent, yet here you are acting like a nine-year-old little girl, ” Her mum said with a smile.

”Oh, mum its like you have forgotten what you always tell me, I will always be your little princess, ” Repeating her mums own words as they both laughed.

”How can I grow up when I enjoy being your little princess? ” She mumbled with a smile.

”Clean up your room before you come out Jul. ” Mrs. Juliana said as she hurries down the stairs.

”Yes mummy dear, ” She answered falling straight to her comfortable bed. Her mother returned to find her asleep and the room still the way she left it. She quietly fixes her room and left, not after planting a kiss on her forehead.

”You are my strength; your smile keeps me alive and wants to hang on, ”

She said as she walks away.

{say no to suicide and when it gets overwhelming don hesitate to reach out for help. Don beat yourself up too much. don forget to add it to your library. thank you guys for giving this book a chance}

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