His hidden daughter

She was in the dining hall when Julia walk down with her plates still chewing her chicken in her mouth. She washed her plate and other bowls as well. She mobs the whole kitchen.

Her mum was speechless when she walk in on her. She was amazed at how clean the whole place was. She wiped the plates and arrange them neatly.

She could not help herself, tears started flowing down her cheeks watching her little girl grow up all of sudden.

She left back to her room and sat on the bed. She took a couple of old pictures and was going

through them. Julia was done. She went up to her mums room and found her pillow not well placed on the bed, her cream cover on the floor.

”Mum! ” she called out. ”Yes princess, ” she replied wiping the traces of tears left in her eyes. Julia picked the cream cover-up which she used to close the cream and adjust the pillow on the bed. She sat beside her mum, her mum was surprised as she looks at her cheerful daughter.

”Mum I have decided that from today, I will not be stubborn again, I will always listen to you mum. I promise not to mess up my room anymore and I will not give you work to do, ” she said with a smile raising her hand to take an oath.

”What! What happened to my baby girl? You decided to grow up all of a sudden. What happened to you out there? Is there something bordering you my princess? Tell me mummy will take care of it for you, ” her mum had said.

”No mum nothing happened. I just thought it was about time I stop adding to your trouble. I can stop being your baby girl but I can help out, and not give you more work to do. ” Mrs. Juliana laughs. Her mum is still lost trying to figure out what was going on.

”Mum I have made up my mind since I look like you. I should start acting like you mum. ” She said and they both laughed. Julia said good night to her mum, hugged her, and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

”Let me be the one to tuck you to sleep today, ” she said as she helped her with the blanket.

She stood by the door for a while before leaving, her mum was still wondering where all that was coming from.


Rocky didn stop looking until he got in contact with Umar, his long friend.

Umar is in one of his big mansions, the house fully guarded with uncountable maidservants. Sitting by the pool smoking tobacco, he spends most of his time there because of the view.

The whole city can be seen from that angle, making it his favorite place and hideout. Fear could be smelled on him. One of his guards walked to him and handed him his phone.

”Look who decided to get in touch, my old friend Rocky, ” he said with a loud voice.

”Rocky my man! Where have you been my dear friend? How did you get my new contact? ” he asked, getting in touch with him is not something one can do out of the blue. He was good at hiding himself from the world. Rocky was serious the whole time.

”I know what you have become Umar, a high drug dealer, and a murderer! ” he informed.

”You didn call me after all this year to rub this in my face right, to let me know you are living an honest life and all that bullshit, ” he angrily replied.

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