Who am I? 2

It was a Sunday morning and Julia and her mum went to church. After church service, Mrs. Juliana forced Julia to go with her to see the pastor. She was reluctant but had to go all the same.

After the pastor had said a word of prayer Julia and her mum met Rocky at the entrance. Julia recognized him and asked her mum if she knew him. But answered no, Julia asked her to look carefully but she still didn recognize him.

Julia was confused.

The pastor then introduced him to them. This is Mr. Rocky and has donated generously to the saint Mary charity home, ” The pastor said with gratitude.

”Thank you very much Mr. Rocky for donating, you have no idea how much this means

to those helpless children, ” Mrs. Juliana grins as she extends her hand to give him a handshake.

”Its my pleasure, ” he responded.

”Julia we meet again. How have you been? ” Rocky asked.

”Im fine sir, ” she responded.

”Im quite surprised my mum still can recall knowing you, ” she asked.

”Yes, ” he answered. ”Your mum was a very attractive young lady back then, she had a lot of secret admirers, she was the talk of the town, and no one come close to her beauty. I happen to be one of her many admirers and was so curious that I got to know more about her, ” He added.

Mrs. Juliana was not so flattered, she gave a gentle smile while Julia looks forward to hearing more.

Umar was standing a distance away and could see them talking he almost walked toward them but Sa-aid held him to be patient.

Just then he had a call from Mohammad, the DNA result was out, and it was positive Julia indeed was the daughter of Umar.

He was excited and for the first time in a long while he thanked God for making this one desires to be true, and his friends Mohammed and Sa-aid were happy for him. They had already started making plans of what to get her.

Rocky whispered to the pastor he wanted to talk to him, Julia and her

mum excused themselves to take their leave while the pastor walk Rocky to his office.

Julia was happily chatting with her mum throwing her hands in the air like a little girl, she was asking so many questions about her mums youth days. Her mum didn want to talk.

”Comport yourself, Julia, people are watching us, ” Her mum warns.

Umar was watching them the whole time. He had eye contact with Julia, and she smiled at him which melted his heart almost immediately, he felt his heart beat out loudly in excitement for the first in years.

Rocky narrated the whole story to the pastor and asked for his intervention, the pastor was unwilling, and it took a lot of effort and counseling to help her get over that incident.

He has known the Dacoster family for over 15 years. He finally agreed to

help them out. Julia was in the kitchen with her mum preparing supper.

”Julia! ” Her mum called out.

”Yes mum, ” She answered while chopping vegetables.

Wow! You are doing that very well, ” her mum teased.

”Come on mum, the fact that I don stay in the kitchen doesn mean I can cook and of course chopping vegetables is the easiest, ” She said as they both giggled.

”And yes, are you not friends with Aba? ” her mum asked while checking on her chicken in the oven.

”Who Abalina? ” She replied.

”Yes mum we are, she is Mrs. Simonass daughter, ” she added.

”What happened to you two? I saw how

you passed by her without even saying hello. Are you two having any issues? ” her mum asked trying to figure out Julias sudden change of attitude.

”I don know what I did to her. She will not talk to me, even on campus, she had asked me if I liked Jack, the tallest and coolest guy on campus. I told her no, that he was just a

friend. Well, I did her the favor of telling Jack, she was having a crush on him. ” Julia mumbled rising the knife in the air.

”And guess what mum, the dump ass went to stand in front of the whole school and confess his love for me. That no one else matters, can you imagine that? The worst of it Aba thought I cheated on her and made fun of her love. He even stole a kiss from me. I gave him a hot slap across his face, ” Julia recall the whole incident when narrating the story to her mum.

”Put the knife down please, ” her mum muttered giving her all her attention.

”I tried explaining to Aba, Jack was not a guy worth loving but she got upset and hit me in the face, ” She grumbled.

”What! ” Her mum exclaimed. ” Was it that bad? ”

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