First Day of School Part 3 (Chapter 3)

Holly Petal

Hi, my name is Holly Petal!!

Jasente Evans

She is so pretty. She smells like strawberries and her cheeks are like mochi….

Holly Petal

Um hello..

Cameron hit Jasente hard and he snapped back to reality

Jasente Evans

Sorry sorry I was um daydreaming but my name is Jasente Evans

Holly Petal

Nice to meet you!!

All the boys in the class were jealous

She was very beautiful instantly capturing everyones attention

Petal was struggling with the topic they were working on

She put her pen down and looked at Jasente

He was writing all the notes down at blazing speeds

Petal got closer with her chair

Holly Petal

Um Evans was it

Jasente turned and immediately went red

She was super close and he could see every detail in her face and her eyes

Jasente Evans


Holly Petal

Could you please help me Im so confused?

Jasente Evans


Holly Petal


She then grabbed her notebook and got closer

Laylani was starring from the back of the classroom clenching her pencil

Laylani Burns

She just comes in and instantly takes Jas attention

How does that even make sense!!

They worked on the topic for the rest of the time until lunch

Once the lunch bell rang Jasente got up and waved Petal bye as he went out the door.

Jasente went into the hallway

Cameron was right next to him while Mia was trailing behind

Mia Evans

Look at you making Smoove moves with the new hottie!

Jasente Evans

Shut up all I did was help her with her studies

Cameron Dood

She did seem interested in you dude

Jasente Evans

Did she really?

As they were walking Jasente got shoved into a locker

Dave Lambert


Jasente Evans

Those orange dreads

It cant be

Mia Evans


Mia tried to help but Lambert shoved her into Cameron

Cameron moved and got right in front of Daves face

Dave Lambert

I will beat you where you stand Cameron move!

Cameron Dood

Try it Dave

You don scare me!

Lambert kneed him in the stomach

Cameron fell to the floor coughing spit

Dave Lambert

I swear you benchwarmers always try and stand up for yourself

Not knowing that you
e on the bench because daddy took your spot!!!!

Dave kicked Cameron in the head causing Cameron to hit the ground

Dave then grabbed Jasentes throat

Dave Lambert

Since you
e with me again nerd listen up!

If I see you talking or dating another girl

We are going to have a repeat of Veaona

I know you remember that well

Shit I can still remember how that pussy felt

Dave then let go of his throat and walked away

Jasente stood there completely scared and full of fear

Mia was trying to wake Cameron

He did open his eyes but he was very dazed

Mia Evans

Are you ok?

Cameron Dood



Jasente Evans


Cameron Dood

I know Dave from football since we are on the team but I have never seen him act like that to someone

Well, I have but this was different. It seemed like he truly hated you

Jasente Evans

Some things happened in grade school that has lingered to today

Mia Evans

Yeah, he kis-

Jasente covered her mouth and shook his head

Jasente Evans

Please don

Mia rolled her eyes but kept her mouth shut

Jasente then turned to walk away

Cameron Dood

Hey, don you want to eat with me?

Jasente Evans

I need to be alone right now

Sorry man

Jasente walked away and Mia sighed

Cameron Dood

Was Dave a bully to him

Mia Evans

He wasn just a bully

Or even a friend

He is the most important and dangerous person in Jasentes life

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