It was a warm sunny day in the Mainlands it often was cool but today the heat rose and the atmosphere felt heavy than usually.Joanna looked up at the sky as she water the plants in the garden letting her light melanin skin Absorb the sun. Being in a middle class family she was able to get whatever she wanted but her mother always told her to be Grateful and humble so she stood by what her mother said. As tribal people they was looked up as savages some would say warriors which was rare.

A year had pass when her mother had passed away it left her father in heartbreak luckily he was able to recover and remarry a woman named Debbie who caused nothing but trouble for her including her step sisters who hated her very being. Joanna didn understand it, she sensed it had something to do with her bond she had with her father.

Joanna sets down the water can as hears something stomping towards her, she turns around seeing one of her step sister Jillian holding a bucket and cloth.

”Joanna Mother said that she needs you to get some hot water for her bath. Oh an after that fix dinner we
e starving. ” Jillians voice was harsh an stern as she throws the bucket and cloth on the ground for Joanna to pick up. As Jillian walks away Joanna picks up the bucket and cloth an goes inside the house to start a fire in the fireplace. After she did that she placed the bucket on top of the fire letting it get hot before taking it up stairs to her step mother.

Joannas father wasnt going to be coming back in the next two weeks. Whenever she tried to talk to him about the mistreatment she was getting from her step family she was often scold or told that she didn know any better. Her father had changed an there was no way for her to reach out to anyone about her troubles. Joanna knew that her step mother was twisting her words to make it seem like she was the bad child an not her step sisters. Before her mother died he was kinda and full of joy but he has changed so much that he would rather believe her step mother than his own flesh and blood.

Joana ran up stairs with the bucket heading to the bathroom to pour the hot water in the bathtub. Debbie glared at Joanna as she entered the bathroom slamming the door inches away from her face. Going back down stairs she started to make dinner; most of the time maids would come and do their job but today was their off day. While Joana cooked she over heard her step sisters Jillian and Eve talking in a low tone making Joanas ears perk up in curiosity.

”Did you hear Eve, mother is pregnant with our step fathers baby! You know I was thinking when the baby is born we can just get rid of our step sister Joanna. ”

Eve smiled at Jillians plan ”That would be better quite amazing wouldn . Joanas father is in riches that the people in the mainlands wish they could have. Why do you think mother married this sad excuse for a man. ”

Joanna covered her mouth in disbelif if she tried to tell a her father than he would probably accuse her of not wanting him to be happy. She heard footsteps make her wait towards the kitchen as Joanna quickly went back to the pot of soup she was making for her step family.

”Are you finished cooking Joanna we are straving. ” Jillian said as her and her sister sat at the table as Joanna puts the bowls on the table.

Eve gagged at the sight of food that was infront of her. ”Joanna what is this, it looks revolting! ”

Joana clenched the front of her dress tightly ” Its potato soup, my mother use to make this for me. If you don like it than go out an buy yourself some food. Im not your maid, cook your own food next time. ”

Eve stands up from her seat taking the bowl along with Jillian who stood up as well throwing the hot bowl of soup on Joana causing her to scream in pain feeling her skin burn from the hot soap. One thing lead to another an she felt her dress being ripped apart by the twins. Jillian walked over to the pot of soup picking it up careful as she was about to pour it Joanna stands up quickly hitting Eve in the face knocking her unconscious. Jillian tried to throw the soup onto Joanna but it lead to no affect, She looked into her eyes seeing them in a yellowish brown color. Joana smiled widely she raised her free hand causing her to smack Jillian on the face.

”Set the pot down an get out of my sight please. ” Joannas tone was calm but her eyes didn match her voice. She hated violence but she was going to stand up for herself and not be pushed over.

Jillian quickly sets down the pot holding her hands up away from Joanna she gently walk toward her sister eve dragging her out of the dining room. Joannas eyes turned back to her dark brown eyes, she had to use her power to gain some sorta respect from them but she wasn sure, coming from a powerful tribe anything is possible. Therefore the training she had gotten but they moved to the mainlands pay off. Anytime she uses her ability memorys become fragments giving her a little bit of short term memory though all she remembered was having soup thrown at her an her dress being ripped by her step sisters. Joanna shook her head thinking about what she said but it was to late to take it back now. She decided to let the situation go than dwell on it any longer, cleaning up the mess they made Joana sat at the table enjoying her table soup before she heads out to the market.

Once she finished she made her towards the market seeing how lively it was had made her excited. Seeing one of her friends Cory she ran up to him giving him a big hug as he did the same. He had sliver hair and light blue eyes that sparkled in the sunlight he was lean an muscular for his age.

”Joanna I see your back at the market again. Wheres your dad he usually come with you. ”

Joanna shrugged her shoulders ”Eh he doesnt come with me like he use to, hes focused on his other family rather than me. ”

Cory pats her back ”Don worry Joanna just focus on the market we can look at the vegetables thats on sale. Oh Joana did you hear about Alonso Pidone you know the lord of Kingdom Edeissa. I heard they
e having a ball in which is a few days from now, you know you can attend something like that while others can . ”

Joanna shook her head ”Im not comfortable going to balls they make me rather comfortable and theres a lot of pure bloods there. They dislike humans very much. I know my mother liked going when she was still alive… I make sure to come an visit her grave everyday. Tell me is Kingdom Edeissa overseas? ”

Cory nodded his head an said ”It is so it would take at least a day an half to get over there if you
e early some people use magic to get over there as well. One of my Cousins live in the village near by Edessia. Even if you don like the ball you should try going at least this once. Though you are a middle class citizen youll have a chance to see the great Lord Alonso. Did you know their kingdom is most popular for its glass design. I have to take you there so you can see it for yourself but nevermind that lets start walking around an see what we can find. ”

Cory smiled at Joanna as she did the same walking deeper toward the market. After they finished for today she walked home carrying lots of vegetables in her basket. Joanna was excited to see what she could make with the vegetables she bought. Just as Joanna was heading towards her home she saw her father an step mother talking outside making her run up to them. As she made her way to them she felt a sharp pain on her cheek placing her hand on her face she saw her father give her a glare as well as her step mother.

Her father raised his hand getting ready to slap her again but he held back his temper putting his hand down to his side. ”Joanna I heard from your sister Jillian that you knocked Eve unconscious. Is that true? ”

Joanna didn say a word she was stunned that her father had slapped her. Seeing that Joanna wasn speaking her step mother pulled her hair suddenly.

”So you did do it you little bitch! John your daughter is nothing more than a pesk a danger to my kids! What do you plan on doing! ” Debbie tighten her grip on Joanas hair making her grits her teeth.

”Its best to kick her out of the house teach her lesson to not mess with the family. You understand that do you Joanna. I wanted to tell you what really happened to her mother. I had done something terrible I killed your mother to move on with Debbie. Your mother was a kind soul I felt bad…I-I loved your mother… ”

Joana looked at her father seeing the sadness in his eyes as he spoke. She noticed that something off about him the way Debbie was twisting and turning her hand in front of his face. It seemed like she was casting some sort of spell on him. Joanna puts the basket on the ground as her eyes turned golden grabbing Debbies arm twisting causing her to scream in pain causing her to let go of Joannas hair.

”So you controlled my father and you treated me like a outcast made me cook for you clean take care of those brats! ” Joana held her father tightly looking at him holding his head tightly. Suddenly Joanna felt something hit against the back of her head making her fall unconscious.

When Joanna woke up she was looking at the sky seeing that it turned dark she looked towards her right seeing her father as she was about to wake him up. She noticed cuts and bruises on his skin he was wasn breathing either. Placing her hand on his cheek she felt how cold his skin was, she cried having no mother or father was going to be extremely hard on her part. Joanna scanned the area seeing nothing much endless trees in front of here and in the distance. She had figured out they were witches their was no family history about them nor records. She didn have the time to think about that she had to figure out how she was going to bury her father.

Joanna heard something in the distance causing her ears to perk up. Sensing the presence that was behind she slowly stood up having her arms raised in the air. As she turned around she saw a woman wearing a tunic an leggings with a particular design that she normally see her people wear.

Joanna bows her head at the woman as others came behind her taking her fathers dead body.

”It is nice to see you again Joana please come with us the Cheif would like to see you. ” The woman walked away from Joana going further inside the forest. Joana followed behind her wanting to know what the Cheif wanted from her.

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