Joanna puts on a tunic inside the hut as everyone was outside around bonfire. She peeked her head outside the hut seeing the Cheif wearing a War bonnet with many colorful feathers, it was good that the person who is cheif is greatly respected by many. They use to use it for war back than but it was manly used for ceremonies like the one they were having now.

Joanna steps out the hut walking to were the people who harmonized themselves with each other. There was a couple of people who danced with masked on an sticks of fire on their hands. Sitting next to a woman who singed like a angel making Joanna hum to the rhythm until everything stop quickly not giving her enough time to react. Seeing the cheif in front of her she lowered her head not knowing what he planned on saying nor doing to her she waited but nothing happened. Looking up to him she noticed the corners of his mouth up seeing how happy he was to see her.

The Cheif placed a war bonnet on her head. ”My granddaughter, you finally come home to us. ” The people cheered as Joanna gave him a confused look on her face. Just as she was about to say something her grandfather gave her a note which was from her father. She could feel her eyes water thinking of the memories she had with her family.

”Why don you read it Joanna your father told me to give this to you if he ever died. I would read it carefully if I were you. ”

Joanna nodded as she opens up the paper. As she started to read it she wept silently to herself feeling her back being rubbed by her grandfather as she reads the letter.

”Dear Joanna, If your reading this then its been confirmed that Im already dead. I always knew that Debbie was witch, she has controled and manipulated me. Im so sorry for hurting you an making you feel alone. Therefore I need you stay with your grandfather Chief Neolin. When your mother died I was ina terrible state an Debbie helped me but also hurt me physically mentally. I went to Edeissa to talk to lord of the land to help you along the way, war is coming between the vampires and tribes. I need you to go to the party that will be held there and convince Lord Alonso to stop the war before it even begans. Joanna I know your a brave girl your mother taught you well. There is a possibility that you might lose control of your power. Neolin will give you a necklace to seal yout power away for the time being. Until your able to control that power Im going to need you to stay calm and not get anger quickly. If you do happen to go back to the mainlands go to the house and grab your things without being seen by the witches. Theres money and everyhting you need to know about Edeissa. Its not a safe place to be at night, I know you won get in trouble…I hope. Take care My sweet Joanna. Love dad ”

Joanna could feel her lips tremble as she reads the letter. She wished her father had told her this sooner so they could bother figure out a plan than having him take all the stress and worry to his grave. Cheif Neolin handed her a spear as she looked up at him she could feel his lips on her temples.

”Joanna use this spear to protect yourself, it will eventually come to mind on how you use it. Im sure you understand right? ” Joanna looked down at the spear seeing the engraved craving of symbols which she didn understand that meaning behind them.

”Thank you Ch- I mean grandfather sorry for making you worry throughout the years. Mothers death was unexpected or so I thought. ”

Cheif Neolin stands up making his way towards the bonfire ”Your mother died of a illness, she is one with the spirits now watching over. That spear was made by the connections that I have with Lord Alonso. When you meet him I recomend that you be on your best behavoior. He isn the type of person that is friendly towards people especially our people. Me an him go back to our young days so he repayed me with his kindness of forging me a spear and sheild. Joanna I shall give You the spear that has put me through so much and also saved me through the toughest times. Just think of it as a trial, your trial will be to reply a message to his lordship on the day of the Ball.The message is Lilith Kingdoms demands are getting stronger. He should know who you are just by the smybol on your that proves your lineage to the Salani tribe.Make me proud my dear granddaughter. You should leave if you still want your belongings. I hope your travels outside the mainlands is extraordinary. ”

Joanna stood up as she hugs her grandfather from behind ”Thank you, don worry Ill make sure our people will get the freedom that we all wanted for so long. ”

Joanna lets go of him as she leaves the area making her way towards the mainlands which was a few miles away from where she was walking. Suddenly she felt something on her head, lifting her arm to see what is was. Until it suddenly chripped causing her to gently grab it from her head placing it in her palms.

She looked in the moonlight to see it was a small robin chirping away. joanna could hear small voices coming from head it sounded child like.

”Hello Lady!? Can you hear me? ” The little robins voice finally connected with hers. Joanna nodded slightly at the robin as it flapped its feathers in excitment. The Robin was a blue and brown bird which was considered a singing bird for good luck.

”Oh great! Your Cheif told me to take care of you on your journey. I sadly don have name all the calls me is bird. ” The robin felt her rub its head with her finger tip which was making the robin feel fuzzy on the inside.

As joanna was making her way towards the mainland grounds she spoke to the robin saying ”Ill give you a name, I think your name should be Cleo…I don want to assume gender but may I ask. ”

Cleo bopped its head understanding her question ”Im a girl lady Joanna! Since were making our way towards the mainlands. What are we doing first? ”

”Well first we are going to retrieve whats mine before the witches wake up and notice Im in the house. We have to stay very quiet Cleo. One wrong move and it could be our deaths. Ill need to change my clothes this war bonnet it getting heavy along with this spear thats Tucked under my arm. ”

”That spear is more powerful than you think Joanna! Thats not just a weapon you can just swing around theres magic in that thing as well. Cheif used it very often it was rather scary! ” Cleo shudders at the thought.

”Thank you for that information, I won let anything bad happen to you Cleo just stay put. Oh an when we get there give me signals if they wake up. ”

Cleo chriped saying ”yes maam ” Joanna smiled placing Cleo back on her head as she takes her first steps towards the mainland. This is were the real adventure begins.

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